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13. March 2014


   “In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight….. In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight….” Traditional African song singing in my head as I awake at 05:15 Thursday 13th March 2014.* We hear you, those who wish to roar for us and we urge you to stand in your […]

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Snow Leopards

14. March 2011


Snow Leopards command that we step into our power and follow our bliss, change our thoughts and beliefs to reflect the new world. WE are powerful, co-creators and must focus on positivity, with courage and belief. We change the world from within ourselves and all old conditioned beliefs that tell us otherwise must be banished.

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19. January 2011


Tigers counsel us to realise rapidly that we are all a part of the same system, interdependent upon each other and that rebalancing is vital to all our lives. They challenge us to review our beliefs about them and to learn more about the way they really live here on this planet.

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13. November 2010

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Jaguars herald a new dawn where heaven on earth is possible, essential to our experience. They speak of letting go wisely, dedicating our lives to this path of light and taking guided action now.

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11. September 2010


A message from the collective consciousness of cats. Channelled by Julie Lines

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