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3. March 2011


Pheasants challenge us to become aware of the judgements we make. They explain the impact of our thoughts and the vibrational effects these thoughts have on all around us. Are we prepared to take responsibility for our thoughts?

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28. January 2011


Turkeys invite us to have faith and to do all we can to stay in the present moment. Letting go of all past and future thoughts, illusions and limitations. They show us that we must walk our path and have confidence in ourselves to know the way. They honour us and share that they too are honoured to serve their purpose on the planet. They welcome us to the place of nowness and encourage us to follow our hearts and be proud.

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21. November 2010


Swans ask us to look at how we view ourselves in our reflection. If there is negativity there we will manifest this in our world. See your inner beauty and let it shine out into the world.

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4. November 2010


Owls tell us to use all our senses to pick up the signs all around. To be still and centred as we gather these signs, knowing what it is we focus our attention upon and when all the signs show up to act with swift decisive, dynamic, fluid movement. Can we see through the darkness of illusion?

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11. October 2010


Sparrows share with us what we had forgotten. We are all part of the same divine essence. We are all part of the plan and all have a plan. They ask us to remember what that is and to follow it with all our heart and soul. They show us how we are all interconnected and part of the same sparkling ocean of life.

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