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Sun Bears

23. February 2011


Sun Bears share with us their Universal wisdom of the importance of balance in all things. They tell of how we must realise the valuw and worth of all things on Mother Earth before we destroy the balance for all. Sun Bears help balance the Fire and Earth energies on the planet by grounding the fire energy into the Earth to enable expansion.

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Polar Bears

21. November 2010


Polar Bears insist we AWAKEN! NOW! They describe how important it is that we remember our purpose for being here and persue it with all our might. We must ask for guidance and take action according to this.

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16. September 2010


Bears teach us about the danger in judgement. The assumptions that create fear. They teach of how to live a moral life and to remember what is most important. To live with strong boundaries and to ensure that we pass these teachings onto our young.

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