About Julie Lines

About seven years ago, Julie (Pictured with her wonderful Equine teacher Apache) began to remember her true life purpose; her need to play a part in changing the way humanity sees and treats the animal kingdom for the good of all.  As time passed by she remembered that it is through learning from the wisdom of the animals that we may enlighten ourselves, and with this enlightenment we may all enlighten the whole.

Let’s rewind a bit first though so that you can understand a little about how and what happened for her to recall this! A professional trainer and facilitator in business for over 15 years, with a background in banking and finance, Julie spent years learning about learning, effectiveness and how to change.

Julie learnt a huge amount about people, the power of our minds and thoughts and how we can, literally, create our worlds.

As she learnt more and more, primarily through her training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (with John Seymour) she dove deeper and deeper into her own personal development, revealing her true passion and life purpose connected to the animal kingdom.


She studied and practiced intuitive animal communication and established her own organisation Voice of the Animals in 2006. Building a practice offering one to one consultations, designing and offering animal centred learning including: “Play”shops, international educational conferences and on line learning modules to share the skill of intuitive animal communication with as many others as possible.  Her aim was simply this; to shift the way humanity sees and treats the animal kingdom, for the good of all.  When you pay attention, the animals powerfully guide our evolution and help us to rebalance our world.tpos-banner

In 2014, Julie felt compelled to step up and into her latest service offering.  She has now blended all of her skills, experience and expertise together and has created a brand new and very powerful service offering.  Julie is The Nature Coach and loves working with heart centred people that are successful but just aren’t passionate about what they are doing.  They are looking for something more and want to make a real difference in the world.  Working with the laws of nature she helps them create a focused vision, release internal blocks and develop a robust plan which allows them to step into their real life purpose with confidence and commitment.  If you are truly ready to reconnect with nature, want to leave a lasting legacy and are willing and courageous enough to step up and into your TRUE nature, passion and purpose, then please contact Julie at her website link here, just complete the contact pop up form, bottom right and she will get in touch with you.   The Nature Coach.

“The wisdom and understanding that animals have to share with humanity
is vitally important to aid our remembering, to make the evolutionary shift required.
We are all one.
We have to remember and act on this wisdom
now to rebalance this precious planet we live on.” Julie Lines

The Purpose of Species is one of her key projects helping to spread the wisdom and learning from our animal relatives as far and wide as possible. This blog will document the teachings and observations directly from the collective consciousness of as many different species as possible. She wants you to get involved. Please do all you can to share this understanding for the good of all.

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