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We do not see the light, we feel the light and it is vastly changing now, as it permeates the earth in which we live, we feel the shifts in vibrational energy and it fills us with glee and bliss, there is much coming to be, much of which those of you who allow yourselves to feel the light can also sense.

When you sense with your feelings, as a key part of your allowing, you can more easily navigate these changing times.  There is much fear prevalent  in humanity still and this poses a problem for the direction in which you need to move.

We burrow through the earth following our feelings, yet not withstanding any fears that we may have.  If we fear, we are aware and use the required skills to navigate ourselves, yet onward we go, slowly, surely, until we reach our calling, you must do the same.

We Moles see (in our hearts) that this is challenging, for you who “feel”, as there are so many of your kind that do not allow these guided feelings to permeate their being and are shut off, closed down and do what they are eluded into believing is what is needed.  This causes conflict in all of you that are doing what you feel is needed, digging along tunnels, new tunnels that are not chartered in your minds, you may feel fearful and want to stay in the areas where the others tunnel.

Yet in your heart you feel the call to tunnel in these new ways and areas and they call with such sincerity, such authenticity that you know, deep in your heart, they are true callings.

So we Moles are here to share with you that the new light bathes the wondrous Mother Earth and all around her, that it is safe and needed for you to be brave, to trust these new ways of being, to know that the calling of your heart to the new paths are safe, secure and will take you to deliciously new and fertile lands, you will feel the richness and fertility of the soil as you step out boldly, excavating fresh soil under yourself, around yourself.

You should know your fear is not real, yet the callings you feel are so very real and this truth must be obeyed, we promise you it will lead you to riches untold, to places you need to go.  It will also show others who feel the new light to have courage to tunnel their pathways too to reach out and dig.  To connect with others who are carving out new ways for themselves and to join in new communities to forge new bonds of love and awareness, clarity and limitlessness that is so needed now, the light supports this, it permeates your very essence and being and lightens your load, lightens yours heart and lightens the electricity that pulses through your every cell and fibre of your being.

It allows and creates new levels of awareness and opens new pathways for you now.  You must dig deep, dig with focus and trust, know that your new directions are actually not so new, they feel right , they feel great when you master the pretense of fear, the contrasting older consciousness wishes to raise within you as your pull away from the old consciousness.

As you carve the new, the different,  you must allow it, go with it, give yourself rich, nurturing love and do everything you need to prepare the fertile soil ahead for your passing.  Breathe, ground and progress.

Keep the faith as you excavate with the guidance of your heart through the darkness, there is nothing to fear, in truth, and we, Moles wish you to know this, to feel this and to excitedly and wisely dig, burrow, create the paths that lead you toward your hearts desires.

We share with you the support of Molekind, we are creating the fertile new earth, the soft, earthy truth of the new dawn emerging, we want you to feel it around and within you now and we urge you to step out, do not resist, for this is futile, and painful experiences is all that you receive in this resistance.

Free yourself and follow the light, follow it through the dark and you will open your eyes to the magic that lays in waiting for you .  We send you love and comfort from our soft selves.  Trust the paths dear souls. Trust.

Channeled by Julie Lines on 27th February 2013 at 02:20

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8 Responses to “Moles”

  1. robyn Says:

    more wonderful wisdom – thank you! 😀


  2. G.Mary Dankowych Says:

    Thank you Julie, for this channeling of/from the moles…….it is so very relevant to me and many others I know. I would LOVE to meet you someday 😉 <3

    Many thanks , Mary


    • Julie Says:

      Dear Mary, you are very welcome and it would be an honour to meet with you too! Let us ask the Universe to create the perfect opportunity! I shall find you on FB too – be great to connect. Much love from Julie XXX


  3. Joanne Frame Says:

    Thankyou Julie, hits home for me too ! I was noticing the blue jays that had come into my life lately, but I’d forgotten to notice the moles -despite their obvious prescence on the lawn (i use the term ‘lawn’ loosely 🙂 )


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Joanne, it’s great to hear from you! I too have got a pair of Blue Jays that come regularly into my garden! They are sharing with us that opportunities are coming our way but we need to be open to receiving them from a place free of judgement or resistance! Here’s to new opportunities appearing and to our welcoming them in! Yes our lawn is “interesting” too! Much love and peace, Julie XXX


  4. Patricia Marie Says:

    This website here, makes me happy. I am the new light on earth. I speak with the animals. I think we are in agreement and friends. I know the animals hold steady loving energy for earth. I have been cascading that for many years. I developed my website last November. I was scanning google tonight and found all these different yet closely connected views of what I have been sending out in the “air”. Matrix. You are lovely, and wonderful for what you are doing here. I am Patricia Marie Babin. That should mean a good deal to you. Animals are communicating for me. I speak with them all the time. We are knitting all people, animals, and more. I am creating a retreat farm home setting were much information will be coming in fresh and new. It is all real and wonderful. I carry the light. I love you dearly. All my best and blessings.
    Patricia Marie
    I have risen


    • Julie Says:

      Dear Patricia Marie, thank you for sharing your feelings in your beautiful message here, yes there is much shifting at this point in our evolution and we are all called to awaken and unite. Your farm retreat sounds idyllic and a powerful place to attract others that are drawn to expand their consciousness. Sending much love and light to you too and blessings towards balance and bliss. Julie XXXXX


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