Horse Wisdom

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Wisdom of Horses

We are a collective consciousness, connected yet individual by nature while on this earth plane just as you are. Our state of well being is attached to source energy and we wish to teach you the same. You come to us and are drawn to us because you can feel our connection to source is strong and you long to share and feel more of it.

We do not struggle with the same issues as humans regarding the sense of lack of. We do not see any lack of anything. We only see wholeness, evolution, creativity and wellness. As we strive to experience, we have chosen to experience with mankind hoping to bring a sense of balance and strength.

We would like you to understand nature to its fullness, to see how balance and going with the flow is what propels you forward without the unneeded pushing against you have done for so long. We ask that you become more patient with yourselves and in the doing of this you will find the connection to all living things.

We test your honesty by challenging your knowingness. If it comes from the place of source we can hear you. If it does not, we rebel.

We are not the only creatures supplying this venue for you. Others, many others, in fact everything you call animal is at this stage of the evolutionary process with you. We have all manifested this event together and a collective agreement from different perspectives none the less.

There are no victims of circumstance only circumstance that create awareness and change. Struggle no more with each other’s way to find what is right and what is wrong, the best way is through the heart….. always. There is no place for judgment in our world, we do not look at each other and condemn the horse who walks differently, who neighs differently or who looks differently. Our concern is for growth of spirit and strength in union that ignites our evolution of life.

Discipline is a matter of perspective. Upon this earth we are more like children than adults. We look upon things inquisitively and through choice of what pleases us. We can say “No” but may not understand the consequences of that choice like an adult would therefore clarity is what is needed in dangerous situations or when our perspective clashes with what is required at the given moment. We are much stronger than humans physically and can endure much more, however we share many common emotions and can feel your energy when unfocused or when your intent is not of the purest form. We will die for you if that will bring a learning and as such you have done the same. Do not confuse abuse with discipline, these are separate issues. We teach respect, you teach respect. We teach love, you teach love. We have come by choice and so have you. We both agreed to co-create where growth, freedom and understanding is the goal of both species.

From the Horse’s Heart

Kindly channelled from Training Horses Naturally. Thank you so much.

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2 Responses to “Horse Wisdom”

  1. Julie Lines Says:

    I wanted to say a huge thank you to Elaine Polny and their wonderful herd at Training Horses Naturally for sharing this beautiful channelling with us. Blessings and love to all. Julie Lines. XXXXX


  2. Maureen "Reney" Kelly Says:

    So very touching… and yes. We are all connected – heart to heart. Beautiful.
    love, Reney


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