Thu, Mar 3, 2011

Birds, Channellings

You must let go of judgements. This is so important. At this time. This is not some spiritual quest to be a better person for that in itself is a judgement. For what is “better”? Ha ha!

No, fundamentally, what we show you is the impact of your vibrational energy as you extend judgements.

Let us walk you through the ripple effect that impacts all.

You see someone or something and you judge it (let us take a negative vibration). You judge it in a way that sends a negative wave of energy through the essence of your being, manifesting a return of this energy to you in some way, to match that which you exude? You also send out this ripple into the universe which influences the vibration of all it encounters. It is like the butterfly effect you humans speak of, yes?

Your thoughts become things, you choose them. The judgements you make of the negative energetic frequency beginning negative cycle of impact. On you and everything around you.

If you replace these thoughts with positive judgements, loving judgements, you will experience a whole different impact, on you and those around you.

So knowing this you must take ownership of the impact you are having. Do you grasp this?

Whether physically spoken or not, every thought pulses through our universe and impacts all.

It is the nature of things.

Your judgement of pheasants for example, you may judge us as silly creatures who run under cars. We are so stupid, why do that? You may think.

Well, more is at play than you may realise. We are telling you to see beyond the old paradigms, to open up your minds and realise beyond what you call death is only more life cycles. Endlessly form, non form, form, non form. We choose, oh so carefully, when to end one cycle and where, to shift energy around us. We do it with love and gratitude for all we are and all you are and all that is.

Can you open your eyes? Can you see? Beyond the human instilled conditioning? The judgements you hold about life and so-called death. Is it bad? Is it sad? Is it awful? Is it a celebration? Is it the end? Or a beginning? Is it unfortunate or fortunate?

The truth is, it just is. All that determines how you feel is your response to it, how you judge it. What ripples do you send out into the universe? Do they help raise the consciousness, or lower it? Do you even notice?

Next time you see one of our kind, think about the judgements you are making in your life.

Positive, uplifting, grateful, joyous? Negative, depressing, ungrateful, miserable?

Choose wisely, you will see how your life takes flight when you vibrate more and more highly.

Take flight!

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3 Responses to “Pheasants”

  1. David Bell Says:

    Choose wisely. Indeed. What a critical and wise piece of advice from a critical and wise species. Beautiful


    • Julie Lines Says:

      Hello David, thank you for your comment, pheasants are indeed a unique and valuable part of the whole jigsaw that is the planet. As are we. We each have our purpose, our reason for being, our part to play in the balance of all things. Animals help us to remember the parts of ourselves we have lost or forgotten, so that we may, with awareness and choice reintegrate these parts into our whole. To be once more in perfect equilibrium. Blessings and love to all. XXXXX


  2. Jason Says:

    As I develop my animal communication practice deeper, I never fail to be amazed by the wise words that come from so many different types of animal. I hope one day we can embrace them as an equal.


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