Sun Bears

“Timorous wee beasties” Burns once wrote and that may well be the perspective you may offer as humans observing our behaviours. Yet we are far, far removed from this in reality. We are highly sensitised to our surroundings.  We need pure high energy around us and sadly, most of you cannot sustain this purity of consciousness to warrant being around.

We have to tolerate your contact in certain circumstances, yet this has a high price to pay for us as we do not physically or mentally integrate well with lower mind made madness, you humans seem, often as not, plagued to endure (or to rise above.) So we prefer, in order to thrive, to be away from such energies. It is not a personal thing, we understand you may be offended and this is not our intention, simply sharing with you our need to sustain a pure, high, energetic vibration to add our magical rays into the cosmic melting pot, so to speak.

We are a rare and beautiful energy. The sun plays a huge role in our purpose. We are helping to balance the fire and earth energies to ensure balance and a platform for co-creation on this planet. We ground fire energies and help to dissipate the strong vibrations so that the Earth can absorb the magical rays of energy for the purpose of expansion.

This is a very key role for the balance of our physical stability. Sadly, our numbers are dwindling due, in the main, to humanities over zealous expansion and a lack of awareness of the need for balancing natural elements. We know that our essence in the non physical planes is always present yet without the physical manifestation of our energy something is out of kilter, it can be lost with dire consequences.

When creating fire, take away any one element and you will struggle, without air, or oxygen or matter that will burn you cannot make the physical expression of fire. As you eradicate species (and not just the animal kingdom, I hasten to add) you are damaging the delicate and brilliant balance, the chemistry of the incredible expression of co-creation that planet, Mother Earth is.

Do you realise this? I know that if you read this you do, or you are beginning to recover from your amnesia, yet far too many are still stumbling through their physical incarnation blind, deaf and dumb to the truth.

Those of you that know, you must spread your energy as far and wide as you can. This does not mean convince others who are still in their cosmic coma, no not necessary, but you must honour the truth, express it in your life, day-to-day and do all you can to live these truths.

To hold the higher vibrations of this remembering, connecting with as many others that know too, linking the light grids across the globe to enlighten the darkness once more.

You all have a unique part in the mighty jigsaw, so you may say.  So do not play the game of being small. Everyone has the ability to shine out and speak and tolerate truth. To live truth and share truth far and wide. Only in the individual ownership does the collective exist.

We Sun Bears hold an exquisite light, a converter, energetic transformation, which is key to helping all others, as all others have their key to offer into the whole.

Remember!! Live it! Share it. Hold the energy and focus on balance, truth and love at the core. We all can make a contribution of significant value and impact.

Humanity forgot (with intention) why and how we are all here. It is up to you all to piece back together the jigsaw of life. Play your part. It is a divine part and needed to adjust the whole.

We send blessings and bear hugs to you all. Gently, firmly, with dedication, share your light for the good of all.

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2 Responses to “Sun Bears”

  1. Jennifer C Says:

    i knew that there was not alot of focus going on around me, but i didnt realize it was this intense. I am always about caring and helping the next living breathing and loving creature, Man and animal. I am terrified of snakes but yet i have a 7 foot red tail columbian boa as my headboard cause the owner has become homeless, humaine society said they would kill it. Even through my fear I have loved and nourished this mysterious and strong animal. More need tolove like that and remember its all of our responsibilites to help and care for each other. I wish i really could hug the Bears!!! AMAZING


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