Sat, Feb 19, 2011

Channellings, Lemurs

Leaping, bounding, boundless, freeing, freedom, energetic energies of comfort are our guided themes to you. Effortless flow and wild abandon gives us essence in that moment. Our essence is pure and simple JOY of the highest order and level, light as air and flowing like water or a gently blowing breeze of lightness.

We do not become stuck or stale, no we fluidly flex and move ever forward, bounding into the second with all our might, knowing we will balance, knowing all is calm and true. We are the essence of fluidity. We are the essence of non-attachment to outcomes. We are so fluid our energy connection is blissfully high and eternally fueled. This connection to energy gives us boundlessness.

Gives us joy, love,alignment,  ease,  fun,  lightness, bliss and joy.

We love to be.  Of course we would, wouldn’t we, with this experience of flowing life force.

We adapt and mould ourselves to our surroundings, we become energetically aligned to all around us.

This way the flow is pure and clean. It moves with love and power, how easy to attain and maintain.

What is your experience like in comparison to this place I describe? Is it helpful to know you are meant to experience this just as we do? Different surroundings, yes, maybe, yet same flowing ease.

What is it that stops you if you do not yet experience this?

What would you do if your experience was like ours?

Is this appealing?

If it is then what are you waiting for? Live like Lemurs. It is magical indeed!

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