Sun, Dec 5, 2010

Antelope, Channellings

Be certain.  Be sure.  Know who you are.  What you will and won’t tolerate.  Forgive all, forgive yourself, others, other events, things you don’t even know you need to forgive.  Then get busy. Get busy doing the things you are meant to be doing.

You know what they are.  Deep down inside.  They always revolve around love and gratitude, your passions and talents.

Make a decision, right here, right now.  To be decisive about those things that really matter.  Be decisive about what things you refuse to waste your time here on earth doing.  What would your world be like if you did this?

We act as one in our habitat, we make a decision, it may be a call from one of us, but then we act, instantly, together, in harmonious unity.  It is a matter of survival.

How do you think humanity fares around taking unified, decisive action that assists and allows you to survive or thrive?  For future generations to come?

So many of you are lost in worlds of non reality, electronic lives that serve no purpose, other than to hold you trapped in a snare, wasting your lives, like they matter not.

What would your life be if you could shape and fill it however your choose?  You decide.  Then act.  It can be so.  If you believe.  Commit.  Take decisive action.  Be brave.  Unified.  Co-operative.

Or you could just float about, aimlessly, wasting your life, doing nothing of value and nothing to be proud of.

If you were an antelope and lived this way, how long do you think you’d last in the physical place?  Not long, that’s for sure.

Be swift, be sure, be brave, be confident.  Sometimes deciding to be still is the most useful thing.  Yet making the decision and committing wholeheartedly to it is crucially important.

Please reflect and hear what we say.  It is for all our sakes.

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