Thu, Nov 4, 2010

Channellings, Wolves

Hunting alone is not possible for us.  We would not survive.  We know the importance of working together, relying on each other.  Trusting each other.  We know how to create our larger self, our pack that moves as one.  We follow laws of our kind, passed on from generation to generation to assure our survival.

What do you do in your world?  We observe that you have forgotten much.

You stand, isolated and neglect the laws of life.  You expect your life to come to you to and to be owed your survival.  We generalise here to demonstrate our concern.

When and what has to occur for you to recall the need to work together, to stick with your like and to create what you want?

Can you rely on others?  Can you rely on yourself?  Do you know what you are hunting?  Do you know why?

What drives you to aspire to this respect of life and all it offers?

What has to alter for you to remember the truth of the reasons you are here?

We have at the heart of all we do the strongest, keenest sense of why we are here.  What we are about.  What our purpose is.  We put all our focus and attention on this.  We act from this knowing.

Do not waste your time in this plane.  Do not deny these truths a moment longer.  What is your place here?

What are you needed to be doing?  How can you make it so?

We are crystal clear.  There are no doubts, no hesitation, no fear, no confusion.

What about you?

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