Wed, Nov 10, 2010

Channellings, Ocean Living, Seals

Do you live your dreams?  Are you experiencing heaven on earth?  This is our right, our legacy, our true reality.

Seas change constantly.  What exists within them moves and shifts.  The vast depths and deeps may instill fear in some but it should not, in truth.

The vast oceans on this planet merely represent the depths and possibilities of our potential.  Our ability to be what we want.

Humanity is here to shape the co-creative force on this planet.  We are here to show you how to go with the flow.  How to remember the laws of the ocean and how to navigate through choppy waters and circumnavigate away from danger.

We see the sea (HA!) as a representation of your creative possibilities, your opportunities to grasp and develop.

So much is possible when you become one with creative force.  It is so easy to get into rhythm with the force of life.  Let go, be one fluid force.

Ride the waves, allow your dreams to take shape.  Face any fears as they appear.  Float with. Trust the ebb and flow.  Trust the calm, the storm.

Know you already know what your calling is, your true passion!

All you need is what, the how is up to the mighty ocean to shape and sculpt.

Swim gracefully, with purpose, playfully and wisely and you will have all you need, always and so much more than that! (HA!!)

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