Thu, Nov 11, 2010

Channellings, Rabbits

Soft is our fur, soft we may seem. Our life is made up of many facets, though many of these you wouldn’t really be aware of.

As humans you are very keen to see things as you want to, not as they really are.  Many of you put yourselves first and believe you are more important than other life.  You put your perspective on all you observe, which we find quite comical really.

You drive yourselves crazy with rules, policies, ways of being, what you can and can’t do, who you should and shouldn’t like, where you must live, what fabrics you put on your fragile skins.

We want you to hear our message from our perspective to you all.

Life is in everything, everywhere.  All vibrates with energy, life force.  All is equal and worthy of preserving, as all fits together to create the whole.

We are all aspects of the same big puzzle, unique yet bound together as one.  All are needed, integral, a part of the system and any part missing detracts from the totality.  Without all parts, balance cannot be complete.

We know your purpose is to be creative, to lovingly co-create blissful experiences in all manner of ways.  We share a love of co-creating with you.  We love to “act like rabbits” , as you would say, yet we are much more than this.  We give of ourselves in service for the nutrition of others, including humanity.  We do this with pride and honour.

There is no greater gift in service than allowing your physical body to be utilised for the sustenance of others.

We send you a message simple and clear.  See beyond the conditioned beliefs.  Remember how sacred everything is, animate or inanimate. Respect all.  Serve all.  Love all.  Be all.

We send blessings and love and a sense of urgency to our message.

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