Thu, Nov 11, 2010

Channellings, Foxes

Fox; sly, cunning, shifty, cold, killer, untrustworthy, trouble, tormenter.  Descriptions humans often associate with our kind.  Misinterpretation and fixed views cloud and distort your vision.

Look again with eyes free of judgment.  Look closely with free eyes.

You will see an ever changing, highly agile, fluid being of the lightest touch, fast and active, adaptive to whatever, whoever appears and creates around itself.

All the folk tales, all the old wives tales, hunting tales of how savage the fox is, is human made distortion.

What you see/hear you can get stubbornly attached to, fixed in your perception.  It is easy to point the finger at others and accuse them of the dark things your own species is doing with much less honour and reason.

Fox cubs born, many in a litter.  Hungry mouths to feed.  Mother must provide and she buries much to retrieve in stages.  Multiple kills with storage of the bulk for later use.

Much is deemed human property that we need to survive.  Much of our territory and natural stock of our diet has been stripped away for mass production.  We search for our survival.

Have you ever been labelled something you are not?  Accused of being something you are not?  It is very difficult to change humanities views.

Our message to you is short and swift.  Release judgments that distort and hold no water.

Revisit what you believe and check their validity.

Learn to be fluid and adaptable like we are and you will learn a great deal.

Tolerance of all is essential, understanding of truth is vital to our planets survival.

Family protection is core.  Relevant to all.  Trusting again is key. What is it within yourself that you trust so little it causes you to doubt so much else, so many others around you?

Love is the answer. And you know it’s true.  Someone amazing wrote.  Very wise indeed.  Live it. You must.  Let go of the old.  Travel in your soul.  Explore the depths, shake out the old.  Embrace the truth.

Morph and flex as we do.

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