Thu, Nov 11, 2010

Channellings, Dolphins, Ocean Living

Looking from our eyes we see so much conflict in your souls.  Souls in their essence are designed to be at one with all things.

Joyous, blissful, harmonious life is the grand design.  We understand the fall from grace and the upward evolution (or revolution) and wish for more and more of you to re-engage with your true nature, your harmonious flow and the wondrous place of high vibration where your needs are manifest easily and effortlessly.  With your soul team living in a pod or community where you support and assist each other to enjoy a creative nurturing, wonderful life fulfilling experience in the physical plane.  You follow your bliss and co-create what makes your soul sing.

Respecting all things as sacred and one.  You live peacefully and in balance.  You love and revere all the planet, all of life, for the whole is the one and the one is the whole.

We urge you to remember before we are forced to withdraw from this place.  We wish to be of service, yet we feared you might not hear.  We are now hopeful enough of you will reconnect to the grid of light, you will remember who you really are.  What we are here to do/be/achieve.

Life is a stunning, shimmering ocean, full of a wealth of delights to enjoy.  All that your heaven on earth relies upon is that you remember the truth and act on these things.

Your mind is key.  Your way of experiencing this place is key.  You must remember this NOW.

We wish this with all our hearts and souls.

As you remember (the way showers) all will remember, it is the way of things.  Only one percent of your kind must shift reality and this is enough to effect the whole.  Be brave, be dedicated, believe.

Educate your minds by learning all you have forgotten.  We dolphins long for your return to heaven, to your destiny. Ascend, evolve, cleanse your energy, purify your very being.

Love with all your heart and soul all you truly are.  That is how it is meant to be once more.

Be part of something truly remarkable NOW!

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