Thu, Nov 4, 2010

Camels, Channellings

We are known as the ships of the desert.  We walk miles, carrying heavy loads.  But we don’t let them become a burden.  We are upright and strong.  We take our time.  No need to rush, we know we will get there.  We love our journey even though sometimes it can be hard.  We are pleased to be of service, helping to guide through difficult terrain.

What can humanity learn from us?  Have you worked it out?  You will, take your time………..

Be pleased and happy to help others.  See honour in the service, even when it’s hard.  Feel and know every step of your journey – that way your burden will be lightened.

Stand tall, believe you can achieve amazing things, against all odds.  Don’t let your limiting beliefs become your burden.  Feel a lightness in your hearts and all will become light.  Love your journey – all of it.  It all has purpose and meaning.  It might be very hard, at times, putting one foot in front of the other, but really, that’s all you need to do.  One step at a time.  Stop, feel, reflect, know, love that step, that moment.  Take your next step and do the same.  Love every step.

Be strong, stand tall, take your time and love your journey.

Know that when you help others you help all humanity.  When you help other creatures you help everything on or in your planet.  Learn to love all you do, all the burdens you feel you carry.  Feel the lightness of each moment and love it.

Channeled by Jean Davies with many thanks.

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