Mon, Oct 11, 2010

Birds, Channellings, Sparrow

We are often said to be connected directly with Jesus.  And this is true. Yet only a partial truth.  Of course, we hold the essence of the divine inside our souls yet what you have forgotten, and we hope you are remembering, is that SO DO YOU!

So do we all. All of life is part of the grand tapestry of life essence.  This divine dance of twinkles on the water, all part of the ocean, always connected and made from the same energy, the same essence, the same.

Yet we have never forgotten this truth and even when the cats hunt us and try to transform our light we never lose sight of this amazing truth.  Death is part of the cycle of all things.

We are a part of all things and have all things inside and around us.  It is a huge hologram, and we mirror each and every other. In what looks like different form on the surface, yet scratch beneath the illusion a little and you find that spark, that light, that divine essence is there.  IN ALL THINGS. It cannot be anything other than brilliant, for life itself is brilliant.

Do not turn your backs on this wisdom. Turn and face this truth.  Your truth.  All is one. All in the plan have a divine plan. What is yours? Follow your heart and soul. Remember and embrace, love and bring light to all you are and do by following your path.  Bring yourself into alignment with who you are and all else will right itself.

We sit patiently waiting for you to remember this truth. We will sit and wait until it is restored. It will happen and, oh boy, how wondrous when you do! How magical, light and splendid. What fun and joy and bliss there is to behold. What prosperity and flexibility and opportunity lies in store for you to allow.


All is said. Many thanks.

Channeled by Julie Lines whilst looking out the patio windows at a small gathering of sparrows sat watching her.  They had been visiting every day for the past few weeks, patiently waiting to be heard!

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