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I gave a live on-line Book Launch Party,  to celebrate and share more information with you about my book and how it came about CLICK HERE to download it for FREE and watch it for yourself.

To order your copy/copies of the first volume, please click on the link below and you’ll be guided through to Amazon’s safe and easy on line store.  (If you live in the USA, or are closer to the US than the UK, you can order your own copy directly from

Thank you and enjoy their stunning messages!

We received this feedback from the Writer’s Digest 21st Awards judges in 2013:

“I really didn’t know what to expect as to the concept of the book,  but I was immediately won over.  This book has a universal appeal, appropriate and important for all ages, and carries a message we all need to hear. 
Over the generations, there has been a disconnect between humans and both the animals and the planet.  There has been a definite and alarming breakdown of stewardship regarding a planet and creatures entrusted to us by God–the planet has become our rubbish bin and the animals have, with few exceptions, become food or prey.  God created humans and animals to live symbiotically, interdependent on each other and all dependent on our planet for life and sustenance, and we have recklessly ignored the damage our lifestyles, wants and wastefulness are doing to the habitat for these animals and, ultimately, for ourselves. But this author captures what is perhaps the bigger tragedy–that we are failing to appreciate that loss or damage to any part of the delicate balance that God created between humans, animals and the planet, is loss or damage to the whole. 
This book begs for our attention through the eyes and voices of those most in harm’s way.  I thought it was absolutely fascinating how each animal’s message and voice just resonated with a unique authenticity and perspective!  The messages captured the essence and spirit of the animals they came from–unique glimpses reflecting each particular animal’s habits, family structure, societal norms and the like–and a message that was sensitive, real and relevant and timely. I thought it was definitely the right choice to use photographs of actual animals rather than artistic renderings–it added considerably to the “real-ness” of actual, flesh and blood animals sharing these messages, and enhanced the authenticity of the message itself.  It also captured the “real-ness” of the need to protect these species, their habitats and their legacy.
Having the book in a larger size and with larger print is nice too and makes it very readable and would afford an easier read for younger children. The only suggestion I would make is as to the cover–I don’t know if the title and text were intended to look like they have shading or something, but the result looks a bit fuzzy and out of focus, which is completely at odds with the rest of the book and I think it would greatly improve the appearance and first impression to have the text and title sharp and clear, not to mention make it easier on the eye to read. 
Really unique and enjoyable book with a great message–this would be great as a discussion tool for a church youth/children’s group, a young person’s conservation and habitat preservation course, but it can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages in any setting.”
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