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DogWe are here to show you your power. A power that lies so deep that many of you have no idea or are unaware you own it.

We join you in a chosen physical form of size, colour and shape to make sure that whatever the stage in your journey, your life story or your vibration you will welcome an opportunity to learn, to discover, to grow, to trust and to reach the peace that is at the true power of all of you, with one of our kind beside you.

You do not chose to have us enter your world but we invite you to come into ours – a world free from limiting beliefs, from judgement, from competition and from struggle. We have many lessons to show and many ways to become part of you, so that as one we can both move beyond the realms we see before us and understand the true purpose of human existence. All of your stories, all of your perceived troubles are simply made of energy.

Our hearts are now the biggest of all mammals in relation to our sizes and this has to be so. As we are here to join with your magnetically, and allow you the space and freedom to discover a new way of being. We literally ‘feel’ your joys, we ‘feel’ your pains and we act accordingly.  We wait patiently for the day we feel that you feel peace.  Then it is often our time to move on.  Then for you is the time to discover the final truth of creation, that nothing is ever real – but to you, nothing is ever there – but to you, nothing ever leaves and everything is in transformation.

Our joy lies in feeling your energies change on this planet, we want to thank you and all of humanity for your acceptance and for allowing us the chance to enter your lives so intimately. Life need never be a competition when the truths of life live within the feelings of the heart. For it is the heart that clears the mind.

Join us for the peace that is there for all at the heart centre. The mind only world is a fearful world, it is a competitive world. In a mind only world you will never reach our inner world, the most you can do is to bring us into yours. Our true reflection for you is to allow you to release judgement and fear. To become as equal with both animals and other humans beings. It pleases us to feel so many more humans as equals, experiencing the joy and peace of a heart to heart world.

Thank you to the wonderful Caroline Griffith for sharing this channelling with us.

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Humans Have More To Share Sun, 21 Apr 2013 16:00:34 +0000 Julie white_dove-wideThis channeled message came at 1:24am on 6th April 2013 – I awoke with the following hymn in my mind;

“Peace perfect peace, is the gift for all mankind, peace perfect peace is the gift for all mankind.”

It is the path to peace that concerns us now, we must walk this path, we must embrace the path, we MUST realise that only this path will divert our results on the planet.  In peace their is every solution to every problem.  There is salvation in every dark corner, there is wisdom rekindled in all hearts and there is a world that continues to exist with humanity in place in the physical form. Peace is the only way.  Peace from deep inside our hearts and souls.  Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul, peace in love.

It has been a message that has been around for all of our time here yet people have, in the main, seen the idea as utopian or unobtainable, a nice aspiration for some but not really practical in our modern, busy, war torn, corrupt and sinister world.

This is a myth – this is another lie of the highest order.  Peace is THE ONLY WAY to move beyond the current state of imbalance and it must start from deep within YOU.

Yes YOU.  This is not to be externalised in anyway.  You must not delude yourself a moment longer.  This is about you – it always has been and always will be.  Do not find excuses for why you can not be at peace right now – due to others – other people, other circumstances, other issues.  NO.  This is old illusion.  Go within.  As we explained before go into your heart and ask yourself: What is peace?  How do I act from a place of peace?  Who am I?  Who am I as a person of peace?

What must I change? What must I be? What must I do to BE PEACE, how must my thinking, my trains of thought change?  How may I act in this world? How do I allow this?

Accept no excuses – for they are just that excuses! And beware – for anything that turns to “outside” of yourself is illusion – it is denial of an aspect within that needs rebalancing, an unresolved trauma from your path that only you can let go of.  You must become proficient at self awareness.

Time is of the essence.  With awareness of a lack of peace of mind, check within, how do I let go?  How can I allow myself to let go?  Am I willing to own this as my internal issue and be willing to let it go?

Ask for assistance from a higher power and hand it over with willingness to release it.  Keep repeating this until you rebalance.  If it is a thought pattern, if it is a reoccurring (or one off) health imbalance, if it is negativity towards yourself or towards others, keep noticing, breathing, ask for help, surrender it, hand it over and repeat to yourself, “I am willing to release this mistaken thinking/feeling – please fill me with peace – pure peace now. Thank you.

Repeat until your feel more peaceful.  If it returns, repeat again. mother earthAn itchy face, a rude customer, an item on the news, a sore throat, a twitch in your eye, your partners habits, a nations generalised attitude, anything and everything is merely a reflection of imbalances within you.  They call for attention, they long for rebalance, perfect balance, they try to get your attention they wish to be at peace, they long for it.  Deep within you.

So turn inward, on all.  This is key.  Reach inside yourself and lovingly, yet firmly ask for help with moving forward in PEACE.  In all ways.  Be your own source of peace.  IT IS THE ONLY WAY.

You are reading this right now as you are calling out for peace inside you, this inward peace is the ONLY way to bring about peace on earth.  Do not buy into the mass illusion that it is “all the others” this is false truth – it leads to destruction and devastation, it leads to annihilation.  It will be the way if you do not, in sufficient numbers go to work on this most vital of all tasks.


Feel the deepest peace as you allow yourself to release all old patterns of imbalance.  It feels sublime.  Be peace – now and always – your ripple outward is hugely needed and beneficial.


I speak on behalf of humanity and all life (which is everything) THIS IS OF UTMOST URGENCY AND IMPORTANCE.

Let these words – this energy – carry you to a new dawn of being.  This does not mean isolation and a monk like existence, no, it means choosing to go within instead of watching television or sitting on the internet, or drinking alcohol or gossiping with friends, or any sort of distraction that is not PEACE.

It is time to do/be this.  You can do this lightly and with a smile in your heart.  You can live your own life fully in this way.  Joy”fully” you will inspire many others as you are this.

You can do, practically anything you like in your life, what you do is irrelevant (the nature of your service) what is RELEVANT is that you do this with and from a place of purest peace.

This peace will help guide you to your divine service, your purpose, your life path.

This peace will free you to give service like never before.

It will free you from illusions of scarcity, victim consciousness, hatred of self, hatred of others and the heavy, fixed, hopeless, helpless parts of your being that keep you low, stuck, chained to old ways.

These are all illusions and only a life of vigilance and dedication to choose the path of peace, inwardly will free you from these shackles.

It takes dedication, it takes awareness, it takes courage and most of all it takes DEEP LOVE – love of your whole self, acceptance of all AS IT IS, passion for peace, passion for love and a willingness to let your old identity (imagined self) to fall away, naturally, as who you really are, free of these imagined persona’s is far more magnificent, free, loving, wondrous and magical than you can even imagine!!


Your path is illuminated and you are guided all the way, inwardly, you are held safely (inwardly) all the way, you trust completely (inwardly) and can vision the way beautifully (inwardly).  This illuminates your present guided action, as you act in perfect harmony, grace and truth.  This way of being is the diamond within, polished and dazzling.  It is the purity of light that blasts away all old nonsense – it simply can not exist once you are in your light centre.  Illusions still continue to appear – you stand in your peace – blast the light and all is returned to truth – through PEACE.

Remember dearest hearts and souls – YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE – you are the macrocosm that allows for the all (microcosm) to reflect the peace you return to.

THIS IS TRUTH. All else in illusion.  Take back your inner power.  The power of pure love and peace.  Live it. NOW.

Wrapping you in pure love and divine light, you are supported and cheered on every single second, from so many in so many ways.  Lean into this support and find your inner peace.

Humanities Collective Consciousness.

If you like reading the wisdom of the animal species, the first 44 messages from animal species are now available in the beautifully illustrated, full colour Volume One of  “The Purpose of Species – Animal Message for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond”. You can watch a short video below and order your own copy here.

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Humans Mon, 01 Apr 2013 13:25:41 +0000 Julie DSCN1861

I felt this channelling coming for a few weeks before it did, in the usual ways, yet this felt different to me, as it comes from our own species’ collective consciousness…. I channelled this on the 16th March 2013 at 1:45am – yet I could not share it on the blog until today.  This is not a coincidence either.  Until I sat at my computer this morning, I had thought I was resisting sharing it, feeling uneasy at the prospect of sharing a message from our own collective consciousness, we are an animal species too, although we mainly choose to forget this…. 

Yet as I started to type, I realised that, of course, it wanted to be shared today – a hugely symbolic time of rebirth, Easter – the arrival of Spring, the time of the new, as we enter into this new age and dawn of consciousness. This channelling has many layers and levels to it – please read it slowly and a few times to let it enter into your awareness.  There is more to come as well…

Humane – what is it we call this?  What we see at present is something more like mass insanity.  We are the most frightening and biggest threat to all life on the planet.  What causes this to be?  Our thoughts.

Our thoughts are chained and shackled en masse with fear and hatred.  The hatred is a secondary outpouring of the times of masculine domination and control – it oozes out of us like an all consuming cancer, eating us away from the inside out.  We are consumed.  We are insistent that all of our fears are outside ourselves, that we must be afraid of all threats perceived around us, as things, people, others that wish to control or own us, that wish to dominate or kill us.  We are consumed by these fears at this point in time because we are so out of balance from truth it is impossible for us, collectively to realise the truth.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  We humans are capable of something very unique and special but it cuts both ways – we can co-create, we do so all of the time, with our thoughts and feelings, what we believe we bring into being – it is our divine gift – it is our ability to expand or manifest in this way which allows incredible feats of creation and creativity to be imagined into form, quite literally.

We imagine what we desire and then we focus our attention upon it and as we align to this knowing, the image comes into being.  This force of being able to create manifestations is a powerful one indeed and must be treated with utmost reverence and respect.

Whatever we focus upon we create – whatever it is.  Think (or more importantly, feel) on this dear humans, what are you focusing your mind/feelings upon?  What are you creating all around you?  Right now – look at all around you – how have you co-created this?

If love is all you can see around you – then all is balanced.  As love is all you ever need to co-create.  Love is peace, is presence, is balance.  Love is calm, knowing, gentle energy, yet powerful enough to move mountains.  And when we speak of love we mean pure unconditional positive love.  Free of any shackles, free of fear, free of doubt, negativity, judgement, hatred, blame, remorse, guilt, pride, self criticism or any of the other types of negative emotion.

Love in its pure state is what we are needed to focus our attention onto NOW, en masse, to radically shift the course of all on this precious planet and beyond.

Think about your life as it is right now.  Are you loving everyone, unconditionally, totally, accepting as is, peacefully living in the present moment, giving love freely to all without boundary or limitation?

Imagine a world where humanity achieves this.  How would things be?


Our every action, with love, can aid the balance in this sense.  Our every thought can move us closer to this, right now and the next thought and the next.  Try it now – think something loving, and another, and another.  Think something loving about yourself now and another thought and another.

You are co-creating ALL of the time.

What energy are you creating?  We know in our hearts which types of co-creation feel great.  We know because it feels wonderful to think it and in thinking it we are making it so.

Free your shackles of the biggest lie you will ever buy into.  Do you know what this lie is?  Can you feel it in your reality right now?  Can you feel it, seeing what humanity is experiencing on planet earth right now?

The biggest lie is this.  Are you ready to hear it?  Are you willing to truly hear this?

We believe that something, someone, outside of ourselves creates these things…

This is the biggest lie ever created.  It is the biggest lie because as you buy into this you give away all of your creative power to some other force, a force you believe and therefore co-create is “something out there”.  Think/feel this.  Let it resonate within yourself, within your soul essence.

This is the biggest lie.

You must seek to change your beliefs on this matter, for the sake of all.  You must believe the truth and you must do this in truth to rebalance.

You must believe/reconnect to the biggest truth of humanities co-creative genius.  The truth that all other form/thought emanates from.  You must realign to this truth as a matter of utmost importance.  Of top priority.  No other shift matters, is significant compared to this.

“All emanates and is created from WITHIN YOU.  ALL.”

Feel this. Let this into your heart, your soul. NOW.

Sit with this knowing of truth.  Accept it.  Embrace this.


We humans hold the key to all life on earth, in our hearts and hands.  We humans are the creative tools that determine what is.  You decide.  YOU.  No one else. YOU.

What choices are you making?  Each thought/each feeling?  What is this creating?

We urge you to create love. Pure love.  Love of yourself.  All of yourself.  Acceptance of yourself.  All of yourself.

We urge you to create by thought/feeling (thought and feeling together) you as your pure loving self now.  What are you being?  How are you being?  We urge courage and determination to this cause and this cause alone.

How are you with yourself? How do you show love to yourself?  How do you nurture your soul, your talents and gifts?  Do you express these lovingly to the betterment of all?

Do you co-create that which gives you LOVE, bliss, joy and freedom?

This is your primary purpose.  YOUR PURPOSE. Do you understand?

All else flows from this one truth.

All other co-creation that is not love, bliss joy and freedom serves in just the opposite way.  All of us.  This is KEY.

Are you awake to this truth?  If not you must wake up.

Where do you still blame others?  Where do you still send out negativity into the thought field?

These areas are where you can start to rebalance.

Love. Love all.  Start with self.  Love all of yourself.

Do you understand? If you don’t, make it your task to find out what this truly means.  Reach out and ask to be guided to this truth.  Be courageous, be bold, be tenacious and then when you understand this, then you will know what changes to make.

All that feels bad is further out of balance.  All that feels good, on a soul level, takes you towards balance.

As humans, we are here to rebalance.  This is our most important purpose.  Each one of us needs to move towards this balance.  We can achieve this.

One thought at a time.  Choose wisely, be gentle on yourself.  Love yourself as you learn the truth.  Go well and lightly.


If you like reading the wisdom of the animal species, the first 44 messages from animal species are now available in the beautifully illustrated, full colour Volume One of  “The Purpose of Species – Animal Message for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond”, if you like the sound of it, do take a look at the mini video below to see and hear a little more.  You can also  order your own copy here.


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Moles Mon, 04 Mar 2013 11:07:15 +0000 Julie Mole

We do not see the light, we feel the light and it is vastly changing now, as it permeates the earth in which we live, we feel the shifts in vibrational energy and it fills us with glee and bliss, there is much coming to be, much of which those of you who allow yourselves to feel the light can also sense.

When you sense with your feelings, as a key part of your allowing, you can more easily navigate these changing times.  There is much fear prevalent  in humanity still and this poses a problem for the direction in which you need to move.

We burrow through the earth following our feelings, yet not withstanding any fears that we may have.  If we fear, we are aware and use the required skills to navigate ourselves, yet onward we go, slowly, surely, until we reach our calling, you must do the same.

We Moles see (in our hearts) that this is challenging, for you who “feel”, as there are so many of your kind that do not allow these guided feelings to permeate their being and are shut off, closed down and do what they are eluded into believing is what is needed.  This causes conflict in all of you that are doing what you feel is needed, digging along tunnels, new tunnels that are not chartered in your minds, you may feel fearful and want to stay in the areas where the others tunnel.

Yet in your heart you feel the call to tunnel in these new ways and areas and they call with such sincerity, such authenticity that you know, deep in your heart, they are true callings.

So we Moles are here to share with you that the new light bathes the wondrous Mother Earth and all around her, that it is safe and needed for you to be brave, to trust these new ways of being, to know that the calling of your heart to the new paths are safe, secure and will take you to deliciously new and fertile lands, you will feel the richness and fertility of the soil as you step out boldly, excavating fresh soil under yourself, around yourself.

You should know your fear is not real, yet the callings you feel are so very real and this truth must be obeyed, we promise you it will lead you to riches untold, to places you need to go.  It will also show others who feel the new light to have courage to tunnel their pathways too to reach out and dig.  To connect with others who are carving out new ways for themselves and to join in new communities to forge new bonds of love and awareness, clarity and limitlessness that is so needed now, the light supports this, it permeates your very essence and being and lightens your load, lightens yours heart and lightens the electricity that pulses through your every cell and fibre of your being.


It allows and creates new levels of awareness and opens new pathways for you now.  You must dig deep, dig with focus and trust, know that your new directions are actually not so new, they feel right , they feel great when you master the pretense of fear, the contrasting older consciousness wishes to raise within you as your pull away from the old consciousness.

As you carve the new, the different,  you must allow it, go with it, give yourself rich, nurturing love and do everything you need to prepare the fertile soil ahead for your passing.  Breathe, ground and progress.

Keep the faith as you excavate with the guidance of your heart through the darkness, there is nothing to fear, in truth, and we, Moles wish you to know this, to feel this and to excitedly and wisely dig, burrow, create the paths that lead you toward your hearts desires.

We share with you the support of Molekind, we are creating the fertile new earth, the soft, earthy truth of the new dawn emerging, we want you to feel it around and within you now and we urge you to step out, do not resist, for this is futile, and painful experiences is all that you receive in this resistance.

Free yourself and follow the light, follow it through the dark and you will open your eyes to the magic that lays in waiting for you .  We send you love and comfort from our soft selves.  Trust the paths dear souls. Trust.

Channeled by Julie Lines on 27th February 2013 at 02:20

If you like reading the wisdom of the animal species, the first 44 messages from animal species are now available in the beautifully illustrated, full colour Volume One of  “The Purpose of Species – Animal Message for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond”, if you like the sound of it, do take a look at the mini video below to see and hear a little more.  You can also  order your own copy here.

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Otters Sun, 10 Feb 2013 17:55:59 +0000 Julie DSC_0187

Heaviness is the enemy of co-creation.  You cannot seek to be the expansive, creative, instigators of change and motion whilst burdened with heaviness of thought, feeling and deed.

Play is the only way and divine guided action that lets you float with ease, joy and effortless bliss.  We Otters are many and varied and we all have slightly different part to play in the overall magnificence of the play called life, here on earth.  Our connectivity always centres on light, relaxed, poised, graceful flow and playfulness.

We do this and our this at the core of our beingness.  We relax, allow, flow, make light and embrace the vibrations of life in this physical place so that all is allowed, all is accepted and all is received in grace and gratitude, do you see?

Humanity is drenched in a blanket of heaviness, especially thick at this point in space, it is deeply effecting the flow of all on this planet and beyond.  The heaviness suffocates and holds captive any joy or creativity and is like being burdened in the water with a mass of heavy weights dragging you down into the depths of despair, negativity and loss.

It is vital at this point that you realise this and step aside from the collective vibration.  It is vital you focus with all of your heart, soul and mind on all that is beauty and love in this place, right now.  It is essential you find ways to appreciate all the miracles that surround you, look to the small things, look to nature, look to yourself, deep inside for the beauty that allows you to relax into a supported and floating sense of wonder and playfulness.  Solutions and new ways of being are only found in this place.

All life must be able to rise at this time and to rise you must focus on the light, embrace the light, love the light and find the lights in all you do, in all those around and in YOU. Look NOW!!

This is more important than anything at this point.  The collective consciousness of humanity is at a crucial stage in this space right now and enough souls in human form need to sustain the light in sufficient ways to top the balance and to impact the vibrational all with needed frequencies.

Sing, relax, laugh, play, dance, love in all ways you can.  Think of joyful things, do loving actions, offer kind words, lighten up everything and YOU!

Otter kind is wonderful example to look toward, we are always engaging in this place, we are so light, so free and so able to flow, we can inspire you.

We want to inspire you, we want you to enjoy life, it is the only reason to be here!  This planet is wondrous, majestic, powerfully abundant and beautiful, designed for a physical encounter of equal magnificence, what point is there in being here in a constant state of fear, negativity, doubt, hate and scarcity, living in the past or creating an imagined dark future.  We Otters only vision bliss, here and now.  We play with the magic in the moment with all our hearts and beingness.  Please do this every second you have dear humanity, we need you to do this to assist in the greatest rebalance of this age.  You must surrender to the flow of life, you must let go and float, you must trust in the greater and higher force of life to allow you to float.  It is there but not if you struggle and panic and vision only this.

Do you understand?

Watch us playing, watch our presence, learn to play once more with the curiosity of your youngsters.  Open up to the wonder of life and all the visible representations of this, open up to all of the invisible realms of magic that are always here whether your “science” tells you this or not.

Feel your centre, relax into it, breathe a huge sigh of release, relief and relaxation as you let the Universal all hold you firmly, yet lightly and provide for you in all ways for always.

Dabble in the waters, play, play, play and be active yet still, create fun and magic in all you are and share this with all.  Life is too short and sweet to fill it with the antithesis of what it is truly all about…

We love you, we wish only for your return to light and playfulness.  We offer a beam of light and consciousness to you all at this time of great shift and reassure you that play is the way!  Love you always, the Otters.

If you enjoy reading the channellings from the animals, you can now buy the first volume of The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond here

This beautiful large coffee table book is in full colour, with each of 44 animal messages on one page with a beautiful image of the species to accompany it.  It makes a great visual reference book or gift.  Get yours here or at if you live closer to the USA than Europe.

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Ants Tue, 28 Aug 2012 09:51:07 +0000 Julie

March in time please!  Have purpose and listen to the callings of those all around and within.  Take purposeful steps towards what you desire.  Work industriously toward your goals, and engage others to do the same.  Use your strengths to best efforts.  These things which seem insurmountable, are movable.  With wisdom applied together.

Colonise, set up home somewhere peaceful where you can all retreat and withdraw.  Be together in all things, communicate clearly and have roles that suit the people you have with you.  Stand together.  Help each other.  Move together.  Be still together.  Surge forward.

Harmonious flow is the line of least resistance.

Break down the large to smaller parts.  Do not underestimate your own strength and capacity, this is a crime!  Look and move, look and move, talk and move, talk and move.

Unstoppable together, strength in numbers.

Have a core of the community where your babies are nurtured and protected.  Teach them well and all the essentials early on.  Show the way.  Know they hold the future in their hearts and assist their greatness.  This is precious.

Do not let scale defeat you.  It is possible.  Strive and believe.  Rely and depend on yourself and all your community for this is where true strength lies.

Excavate, move, shape, mould, define, utilise, march, understand, love, focus, engage, do, in balance.

These things are important if you are to BE who are you destined to BE.  ONWARD!!



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Bees Sun, 15 Jul 2012 14:15:08 +0000 JulieL

(This is a channelled message from one of Voice of the Animals amazing students, Robyn Harris.  Thank you so much Robyn for sharing this with us all.)

Listen to our song – our harmonies and modulations

Watch us dance

We work so hard and yet how do we ‘work’ – by dancing and singing!

We carry the sun with us everywhere we go – its light, its warmth, its joy

Make room for the sun in your lives

You humans are so often full of dark clouds – you have closed out the sunshine.  You have forgotten your joy

You have forgotten how wonderful it is to be alive, working together as a single unit, each serving the other as part of the whole.

You have cut yourself off from your brothers and sisters – don’t you know that you are all the same, all children in one big, amazing family?

Don’t you know that what happens to one affects you all?

You have become closed.  Open your hearts to embrace the sun – the light & warmth, the joy, the energy.  Be part of one big happy family

And then you will see the wonder of Life and you will realise that your family is not just other humans, but all other beings! ☺

Everything that walks, flies, swims, crawls, breathes, lives – is your family!

Remember – re-member! 

Bring all the members back into your family – welcome them with open arms and open heart!

Know again the joy of the gift of just being alive, being one. Rejoice! ☺

If only you would do this, how different the world would be – can you see it?

Can you see how all of us are waiting for you to re-member and for the world to be the paradise, the single organism living and breathing in glorious harmony, that it was created to be?

We are waiting.  The time is coming…  You will re-member and we will rejoice.

Hear our song and re-member  ☺



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From All Animal Species Mon, 20 Feb 2012 16:00:47 +0000 Julie

We have come to talk to you all to bring an important message of love and support.

We are all the animals’ consciousnesses, all the species together on this planet.  We have been coming individually to bring you messages but now the time is right to hear this from the collective consciousness of all the collective consciousnesses you share this planet with.  We want you to know that we love the human race and appreciate it for all the things it is able to do that we are not able to do.

The future of this planet and all that live on, in or around this planet, is in your hands.  And for that we are unspeakably happy and grateful.

This is because the human race is advancing in its awakening and is poised now to do amazing things.  Things that we cannot.

Please don’t be hard on yourselves, as many of your species are.  You are a young species and have needed to grow.  This means “mistakes” – in order to see what you think is right or wrong.  We feel for you.  You have gone through much in such a short time.  The pressure has been on you and that’s been hard.

Some species’ consciousnesses might also seem to have been hard on you.  But always done with love, to help move you on more quickly.  The time is now and all beings have gathered together to help with this big “push”.

We all had so much more time to learn and evolve.  You do not.  We can feel your pain as you deal with all these changes.  The human race learns quickly, adapts, changes direction – this is what you are all so good at.  This is your strength.  This means that as you approach your evolution – as you must – you will break through ideas, thoughts, ways of doing things and ways of seeing things.  You are amazing and resourceful.

You shouldn’t be hard on yourselves, as only you are able to fully bring all that is of this planet and this Universe and other Universes into the light.  The other light beings have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Earthbound human race.  They have all been working so hard – some a little too hard – to help you along your way.  We, the collective consciousnesses of all the other beings on this planet are so excited that you are nearly there.  We are so grateful to you and we look forward to joining you, the human race, as we move into the light together.

Keep calling on us for support and guidance whenever it is needed.  We are so pleased to be of service for this greatest good.  This is how we help.  All the things we cannot do that you can – but we can help you to achieve this wonderful thing.  Feel the connection – know every part of us in every part of you.

Kindly channelled by Jean Davies.  Thank you Jean for sharing this beautiful and humbling message as we enter into the new times.

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Bats Sun, 24 Jul 2011 07:37:45 +0000 Julie

Transformation requires the combination of trust, inner vision and courage.  You are a creature destined to transform by your very nature, yet you seem to resist this transformation which, to us bats, we find concerning and confusing.

As bats we have the night vision, an ability to know what is occurring at many levels.  We trust it implicitly and know that this sight is keen to assist our movement and fluidity.

We know what we search for, we lock onto it and move swiftly and confidently forward, sideward, upward, downward to find our desires.

We are creatures of the dark.  That doesn’t mean bad as humans often label, oh no, we are receptive and able to create and thrive whilst navigating our way fearlessly through the silent unknowing.

We urge humanity, you, at this time, to become sure of your target, lock your senses onto it and trust with all your heart that you will be guided toward that which you desire, set aside your mind made fears and fly with all your ability towards your hearts desire.

In order to evolve and raise your vibration you must transcend the lower petty mindsets and beliefs of fear, scarcity and unworthiness.  You are an equal on this plane.  Destined for greatness.  If you will only lean in and trust this.  You are woven into the great web of life and the illusion of separation, control and lack are mistaken thinking that serve no good purpose.

Much is to be shifted on planet earth right now.  Bats urge you to embrace your inner wisdom, to trust as you fly into the dark, knowing you can rely on the support of the Universe and soar towards your real reasons for being here.

Look for us as signs to support you, we are around, if you only still yourself and open yourself.

As you open up to seeing us you also open up your knowing of your true life purpose.  Grab this knowing and choose to act on all things guided from your heart to allow this purpose to manifest beautifully in your life.

Be swift. Be sure.  Be focused and trust your inner vision and guidance. Do this NOW.  The time is NOW.

With love and support from us Bats.

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Rabbits Return! Thu, 30 Jun 2011 15:09:16 +0000 Julie

We rabbits are noticing that human energy is changing and for the better.  It is refreshing and invigorating to observe.  We urge you to follow the callings of your heart and allow yourself the joy and flow of co creation with the divine.

Following your passions in creative ways is the key way to restructure your wealth of energy, talents and passion and it is fundamentally at the centre of your transformation at this time, in this plane.

Much old thinking has blocked human collective consciousness and created belief that you can not exchange pleasurable and passionate pursuits for monetary exchange.  Know this is illusion, crazy falsehood designed to keep you shackled to your cage,  pinned into drudgery or denial of your true creative genius.  Take time now to know what your creative inclinations are, write, dance, sew, paint, sing?

Make beautiful creations and do it vigorously!

No excuses.  It is the key to unlocking your true power, energy and bliss.  What you create in this way opens doorways of abundance of prosperity in myriad ways, so stop old, restrictive patterns of dull drudgery and get on with a much more vibrant, joyous experience of co creation!

It will change your experience immeasurably!

Whatever your heart craves of a creative nature is nurturing and beneficial to your soul.  It is releasing and freeing you deeply and joyfully.  Embrace your talents and bliss now!!

Love and joy, the rabbits.

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