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We are often said to be connected directly with Jesus.  And this is true. Yet only a partial truth.  Of course, we hold the essence of the divine inside our souls yet what you have forgotten, and we hope you are remembering, is that SO DO YOU!

So do we all. All of life is part of the grand tapestry of life essence.  This divine dance of twinkles on the water, all part of the ocean, always connected and made from the same energy, the same essence, the same.

Yet we have never forgotten this truth and even when the cats hunt us and try to transform our light we never lose sight of this amazing truth.  Death is part of the cycle of all things.

We are a part of all things and have all things inside and around us.  It is a huge hologram, and we mirror each and every other. In what looks like different form on the surface, yet scratch beneath the illusion a little and you find that spark, that light, that divine essence is there.  IN ALL THINGS. It cannot be anything other than brilliant, for life itself is brilliant.

Do not turn your backs on this wisdom. Turn and face this truth.  Your truth.  All is one. All in the plan have a divine plan. What is yours? Follow your heart and soul. Remember and embrace, love and bring light to all you are and do by following your path.  Bring yourself into alignment with who you are and all else will right itself.

We sit patiently waiting for you to remember this truth. We will sit and wait until it is restored. It will happen and, oh boy, how wondrous when you do! How magical, light and spendid. What fun and joy and bliss there is to behold. What prosperity and flexibility and opportunity lies in store for you to allow.


All is said. Many thanks.

Channelled by Julie Lines whilst looking out the patio windows at a small gathering of sparrows sat watching her.  They had been visiting every day for the past few weeks, patiently waiting to be heard!

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Slender Loris Sun, 10 Oct 2010 08:12:44 +0000 JulieL

The earth is whole, we are whole.  We can only be whole again when we treat the world as whole again.

The missing pieces are inside us all, we all hold the key.

The world is so beautiful. I am so beautiful, yet I live in a dark world, so beauty is in the dark eye of the beholder.  It doesn’t require visual abilities to know beauty.  It is not about physical appearance or softness of fur.  It is about the way you grasp your existance, the way you realise what you are, really, that brings about wholeness.

You talk endlessly of healing, when truly what it is, is WHOLING. Making yourself whole once more.  I want you to spread this word at your talk at Bromham Mill, tell all those who will listen*, the key is that we WHOLE ourselves again (and that is not about finding, making or adding). We will make the whole planet whole you see?

How can we harm others when we see we are all one? How can we harm ourselves when we see who we really are?  I live away from your world (in the main) but we are always connected, always one. We are beautiful, aren’t we?

Please remember. Much is at stake. It is all unfolding and much is to be realigned and celebrated. Joy is to know and remember.  Bliss is to feel the knowing, to recall the wholeness.

Look into my eyes and see the truth, we are all the earth, we are already whole, we are always connected and we are beauty now. Thank you.

Channelled by Julie Lines

*Julie is speaking at Bromham Mill, Bromham, Bedfordshire on October 30th 2010 about animal communication and healing.

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Worms Mon, 27 Sep 2010 11:01:13 +0000 JulieL

Your cat likes to play with us, so the other evening we arranged for her to bring a few of us in to see you as we have a message for you.

She sees us and the birds see us but you don’t.  They have good eyesight, but you don’t see properly with your eyes and your senses.  If it’s not clear and sharp you don’t see it or value it.

We are always under your feet, in the dark damp mud, and you disregard us.  You love the bees – which is right – because they are beautiful and you can see easily how they help you.  We, the worms, help you too, but you’ve forgotten to look at things that are dark, messy or ugly because they don’t please you.

You need to learn to look, see and feel things that aren’t so obvious, things that are always right under your feet.  Don’t just look for the prettiness.  Don’t just consider the black and white, but look into the grey – there is far more meaning there.

Take time to consider us and what we do, weaving and burrowing about below your feet, bringing life to your soils.  The most mundane things are often the most important.  Go into your darkness and depths and see what is buried there.  You will find your truths and although they might not always be attractive they must not be ignored.  Be brave!!  They will nourish you and bring you life.

Face your fears in the darkness, feel the slimy dampness that is uncomfortable and horrible to you.  Learn their messages and lessons.  Face up to them and learn to love them, because they bring you freedom and salvation.  Dig up the mud, don’t keep burying them, thinking that if you can’t see them they’re not there.  They will fester and grow in the ooze – so face them before they get so big and frightening.

Pick them up, handle them, watch them wriggle as they try to return to the depths.  Hold them until you see them as they really are, what they bring you, and you will learn to love them.  They will be your liberation.  Channelled by Jean Davies.

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Spiders Thu, 23 Sep 2010 13:30:02 +0000 JulieL

Darkness is truth just as light is.

We watch you go round in circles with your minds and wish you would stop and notice the vibrations all around that guide and show you the way.  Every fibre of your being allows to tell the tale of truth, dark or light it shows the way.

See, feel or hear it, the guidance is there, if only you’d pay attention.

Stop and be still. Listen with all of your senses alert.  Notice the movements of vibration all around. What does the web reveal to you?

It will show you all you need and much more besides.  It will reveal what you are vibrating too as you see it affecting all around you. ALL around you.  It matters not if a feather or a fly enters into my web it reveals itself just the same. Do you even notice them?

Do you observe, feel what they have to tell you?  Or are you blinded by the bright flashing lights of the radiation machines all around you?  The noisy madness of your chattering mind, constantly driving you to distraction?

Commentary on the unimportant. Why do you do this?

Do you know the difference between this mind made noise and poison compared to the pure essence of vibration all around you right now? Stop a moment and notice right now.

What is the divine vibration telling you now? Things you call animate and inanimate, ALL?

They all reflect a perspective, an angle, a light beam that is YOU.  What are you vibrating?

THIS is worthy of your attention.  This is worthy of your mind, your heart, your energy, your motion and emotion.

Your web is the finest of fibres invisible to most and holding an attractive force, attracting and holding the very particles you energetically align to.  You allow, you encourage.

Wealth is also a part of this energetic alignment. Do you allow your web of attention to allow plenty, or not enough?

Do you place your silken net at a point of much activity (so to speak) or do you intentionally place it where there is no movement, no air traffic, no grace or gumption?

We are all here to prosper and grow.  We are all here to expand and elaborate on our essence, our creative abilities and tendencies. Do you allow your creativity to shine out into your world, your breathe, your fibres?

Do you vibrate your truth? Do you allow plenty to facilitate this creation? Do you believe it wise to do so?

Blessed be the ones who show the way. Look for those who genuinely are able to steer their vibrations to allow the vast abundance and turn it into force for creative expression. Match and mold your learning.

Know it is your way of being fully in this place. Know you are needed to prosper and grow.  All of you have all you need.

When you notice the nature of the vibration you send out and adapt them so as to guide all good things easily and effortlessly into your shining, sparkling web of truth.

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Bears Thu, 16 Sep 2010 18:32:35 +0000 JulieL

Light is in the eye of the beholder.  Why is it when you look at bears you cast negative views like brutal, aggressive, dangerous, scary, man killers, monsters?  If you see this when you look at us you see yourself, your own kind in this light – in this mirror.

Those humans who see this expect us to be like this! You get what you expect.

Bears, we are full of honour, integrity to our codes, fiercesome protectors of our young, of our sacred boundaries.  We live our morals no matter what. No matter what.

A judgement made is a challenge to undo.

We are nobles. Royal heritage and regal lines. We stand up for that which is important, we will fight for what we believe in.

But as often as we can we are gentle, quiet souls, who take what’s needed in a respectful way and nuture our own in gentle, loving ways.

We share and teach our stories, morals and codes alongside skills of survival and protection.

We build courage by gifting youngsters with challenges to attain. We build confidence by giving enough of a challenge yet never too much.

We sleep in the cold, renewal month. We close down and settle into the deep stillness as we let the freeze take its path and in time come to thaw.

We slow, slow, slow, slow our heartbeat, our thoughts, our very essence.

We let the process occur in perfect trust and faith. We allow it in.  It’s all as it’s meant to be.

Times for stillness are followed by times for activity, movement and vigour.

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Sheep Tue, 14 Sep 2010 13:55:52 +0000 JulieL

Purest love, light and devotion.  Gentle power, so gentle yet firm if needs be, we work together, play together, stick together. Help each other, search each other, blend and merge together, dance together.

We are a thousand eyes of gentle familiar love, family gatherings under shady trees in summer months, together tight and snug in colder climes and times.

We adore our family, our own, we nuture lovingly our new souls, our new generation of love and light.

We suffer at the hands of many humans, not just in terms of our care and handling but also in terms of our death, no dignity or honour.  Only fear, negativity and panic. Despair, losing of dignity and cold merciless slaughter. No souls merge here.

We are sentient beings of light, just as you are. We are here to allow you to glimpse this to see what you have forgotten to notice how gentle we are to remember how it really is. To help others around and knowing you’ll always be helped by them.  This is true family.

Look into our eyes, see beyond your man made label and derrogatory terms for us.  We are pure, love, soft and true.  We love all our kind with all of our heart and being.

What a lesson to remember.  What a lesson for humankind to observe and consider.

How can you be so far from this?  How can you get back to this? Now.

Power in numbers. Shared community. Love. Divine souls linked together.

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Horses Sat, 11 Sep 2010 20:54:55 +0000 JulieL

As the rain comes, so the winds carry the spirit of our world to us, with us and through us.

We are one with the wind and move in alignment with its call.  Silence is where we play our games. Depth is found in our eyes, deep souls for rich learning for those quiet enough to pay attention and open enough to hear.

There is an answer to every question, there is a bending of movement that shifts any state.  There is a flexing brilliance, a lightness like no other in the fluid, firey majesty of an Arabian wind dancer.  The pride in the carriage shows the divine nature of the soul, that blends and merges with the divine, on the breezes and waves of the precious planets air movements.

Impoverished are those that do not hear or see or feel this beauty. Lacking depth and subtley are those who will not allow their true souls a chance to enter a pristine place of such light and beauty as beholds the divine place of the horse.

It is the only place where true serenity is found.  It is the best and only place to dance with the precious mother, our earth.

We always seek to teach and show, share and enhance. We ceaselessly look for opportunities to show you the way, it is our very nature to hold this out as our service to the divine. Our unique perspective allows everything to be felt, experienced and embraced in a single breath or glance, if only you are ready and willing to notice it.

Those of you with heavy, busy, cluttered souls will never even come close to touching this. Those of you locked in illusions of control and dominance will encounter a very different experience of the horse.

Those of you who are leading the way, recalling much of the stillness will be guided by us, with grace and poise, honour and love.

Patience and persistence. ‘Til you hear it, feel it, know it in your soul once more.

Leading from your authentic soul, your interconnected heart, your true place in the way of things is what you are destined for.

You are the co-creators in this place.  You are the ones who are able to shift the passing of things, you can shape and focus and create your dreams.

Notice what you have created, continue often to create, death, destruction, suffering, conflict, pain and misery.

Think what you could create with stillness, connectivity, love, compassion and control of your minds and thoughts.  Conscious co-creation.

Shaping our world.  You have this power, we are here to guide your stepping up and into the light. We will use whatever means we can to do this as long as it takes.

Listen to us. You must act on this knowing. Share this and tell many.

All who are ready to hear. All who are unfolding, becoming, realeasing the old.

We horses are evolving too.  We will not tolerate what we used to. We will not stand for the abuse of the old. It is time (place) to step up and into the new.

Our goal is to ensure you reach a tipping point in souls that are shining their light across the globe to shift the masses in consciousness.

We will always do this until it is achieved.

Our determination is unparalleled. It is eternal and solid.

We see the time when a crisis will present itself. We foresee great losses to come before humanity is shaken sufficiently to act. We believe it will be enough and in time (place) to create a new way of living in this physical plane.

The time (place) is fast approaching. It is upon us now. We are ready and waiting. Poised to asssist.

Are you ready? Are you willing?

When you are with us ask us to show you the way. Prepare to be amazed and delighted.

Run with us, flow as we do, trust and surrender.

Connect and free your minds.

Breathe in the life around you. Be still and vibrantly alive.

Breathe in every drop.

The rest you have to experience. It can not be explained.

Trust and surrender. Trust and surrender.

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Cats Sat, 11 Sep 2010 04:28:43 +0000 JulieL

Power in form perfectly balanced.  Effortless poise and readiness.

Readiness for everything.  Intention honours our actions. Actions honour our intentions.

Perfect power, prowess and pride.  Honour of ourselves, to our world.

We are light takers.  We are bound to  this.  It is our divine role. We know when and who and where.  We journey for a moment with their departing soul. Whoooooooossssssshhhhhh!!!

Wow, such a rush it is!  We are granted permission to be light takers.  It is transitional, not bad or wrong or cruel.  It is life and life is death as death is life.

We take as directed, as our inner knowing guides us. We take where it’s just required.

You take in ways not divinely directed.  You take in dark ways, troubled ways.  You create mind made reasons of no sense or purpose, fake power or control that holds no energy just darkness.

You take too much, too many, too often. You created revenge, justice, religeon, justifications, excuses and lies, excuses and lies.

Your killing is so far removed from our light taking, yet you seek to make demons of us.

You  must shine that light first upon your own before sharing it or seeking to turn it onto us.

We are pure and simple light takers. We are balanced, guided, light sharers and protectors.

Some of us protect human frailty, some of us stay very clear of your kind.

Most of us are persecuted. Many of us are treated royally, as we deserve.

Much is needed to rebalance, much is out of control in man made madness.

Our lives are always serving in divine guidance.

How do you do this? Look inside and know the truth.

Step with us a while. Silent stalking, walking, playing, feel our soft fur, our paws, our claws.

See our magical eyes and know we are mystical ones who understand far more about the way of things than you do.

You are in a state of amnesia, numb and lifeless.

You can learn from us by noticing our aliveness, our vibrancy, our balance and self nurturing. Our purity of action, thought and deed.

Puuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Divine indeed.

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Orang-Utan Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:36:57 +0000 JulieL

If a tree falls and noone hears it does it make a sound?

If the forests burn and you cannot see, hear or feel it does it happen? Does it matter?

Look into our eyes and you can find the answers, look into your own eyes and you’ll see its the same.  We are the same.

Will it make any difference if we are no more?  Will it change our world if the fires continue to rage?  Will it be at the back of your mind? Pushed away?

When we are gone from this space will you notice? Will you realise what is the truth of this loss?

When the beauty is only scar tissue and desolation will it make you see?

We will not fight, we will not campaign, we will not moan or whinge or complain. We will simply withdraw.  We will cease to be in this place.  Balance is a fine line, all serves the whole, the whole serves all, magnificent is the whole in balance, unpredictable and savage is the imbalance. As hate is to love.

Bring love back as the centre, the core. What harm you cause to any, you cause to yourselves.

Lost in the sea of noise your kind still pushes for more, more, more never enough. Why isn’t enough, enough? Greed and fear feed this black of negativity.

There are those of you that see this knowing, feel it, hear it, know it.  The numbers of you are rising, you can sense this too.

Use this rise intelligently, one hundred monkies, yes?

Use it swiftly, accurately, wisely and definitely. Yes?

From within you sense this shift, you sense it yet may still be afraid of expressing the knowledge.  Trust it’s safe and trust you are never alone. Stand with us, as us, and know there is enough.

When you see us (and all) as you, as all you know (is) the truth. Only then can you appreciate the intricacy of the grand design, the dependencies and interdependencies of the entirety.  How stunningly brilliant it all is, how precious and fragile the balance is.  How glorious the masterpiece is when it is seen and experienced in the way of the truth.

We are not afraid of what you call death.  We know its vibration. We know its call and we flow with it.  We are saddened by the hate and fear and vibration of aggravation that still attacks our homes, our babies, our friends, our lives.  We are saddened that this is its brutal truth and yet we hope, always hope, you will turn in time, the vibration lifts in time, to realise the way, to know the error of the old low noise, the illusion of the old world.

We embrace and want to be a part of the physical world here and now yet we do not resist or as you say “fight”. We yield to what is, we breathe and accept.

We have much to teach you if you will be willing. How wise our elders are and how we honour this. How well our youngsters live for the moment, play in joy and always yield to what is.  How we care for each other and tolerate no enfringement of our boundaries, our codes of honour and love.

We stand, swing, groom,eat, play, sleep, protect and travel with only love with only truth of who/what/why we are.

We want you to learn from us these powerful messages. We want you to know the real from the illusion.  Will you listen? Will you hear? Will you hear the trees falling? Will you feel the burning, the destruction, the dying, the loss? Will you? We trust and observe.

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