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Life is what you allow it to be. Humanities mind made madness seeks to control things it cannot control and doesn’t control what it can.  This is pure madness. It’s bananas!

So when we swim in the sea we do not attempt to stop the waves moving as they do or regulate their strength and movement.  We do not believe we can alter the tides, the seasons, the sun, the wind, the sand movement.

We focus our energy on controlling our adaptability to the shifting tides, the seasons, the weather.  We know our focus fixed on these things yields great benefits for us.

We know when and where to get our food, when to lay our eggs, how far to swim each day, how to hide when we need to, when to be still and do nothing physically, when to move quickly and expend much physical energy.

Why do you believe you can change or control that which you cannot?  Or that you are somehow done wrongly by those things you choose not to like?  Why do you waste your energy and time being negative about that which you cannot change?

Surely, to act on things you can change is better all round?

Your mood, your action, inaction, your direction, speed, your service, your love, your breath, your essence and energy.

Take a moment to consider what you can influence.  Take a moment to realise where you waste effort currently on things you cannot influence.

This moment may change your entire life experience.  You choose. Yes, you.

The post Turtles appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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