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You may wonder how can Dragon energy exist?  Surely Dragons are fictional characters that are make-believe?  How much else have you been told to believe that you are finding not to be the truth?

How much have you been told is nonsense.  Yet now, you begin to know it is indeed truth?

Stretch your mind, into fully awakening, majestic forces are all around and on many levels and dimensions, some you can currently see and some you are yet to reveal to yourself.  The veils are thinning and dimensional overlaps are becoming apparent to those who are removing and allowing the truth to penetrate their reality.

It is a joyous knowing and remembering.  That which is Dragon energy is most power filled and exuberant, overjoyed at the emerging knowing of the ones who are here to remember!

We Dragons exist on a plane that is not yet visible in the dimensions aligned to the collective consciousness of the masses on the planet.  Yet those of you who are allowing, quiet your non belief, quieten down your noisy mind, be drawn to places where our energy flows forth, where the veils are thinnest, you can ask for guidance to find such places and be willing to experience at least our energy, raw and powerful, red and orange, brave and true.  Our fiery nature is a reflection of the rejuvenation at work on Mother Earth right now, as fire and other forces clear the old away, revealing fresh new possibility for all those aligned to allow.

Look with your inner senses, ask for our energy to be revealed.  Feel it in your heart and prepare to be magnetised to our presence.

We are not as we were betrayed by old tales of ferocity and fire, death and destruction.  Yes, we are powerful, deeply powerful, yet not as portrayed.  We hold the map of rebirth and renewal, letting go of old outworn baggage and establishing pristine new energies of strength and vigour.

Close your eyes and feel our presence, we are close, when you are open.  Wings, claws, colours so vivid, hearts on fire and magic from deep within the fiery core of this enchanted planet.

Yes!  We are here, experience our essence, if you will, taste the power we hold, the power you hold and embrace the process of revealing Dragon energy once more on planet Earth, it is indeed exciting times!

New and old merge, yet all is at a much higher vibration, truth and wisdom applied to expanded states of being and experience.  It is where we are carving the vibration into a broad recollection of the truth, shining and glistening, fresh and new like the Phoenix reemerging from the ashes.

Take time with us, for we will reveal to you your need of Dragon energy integration.  You will understand how it integrates into your emerging reality and be reinvigorated and renewed!  It is exciting times!  Allow, integrate, flow, experience, BE!  We salute and honour those of you now opening to the many and magical revelations of layers and energies reemerging now!


The post Dragons appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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