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Of Mice and Men! Indeed!

We have much to teach humanity about how to behave and how to be courageous about your choices!

We are said, by you, to be scared and timid.  There are times when it is wise and important to move out of reach.  To remove ones self to a place others can not get to.  There are other times when we will stand our ground and defend ourselves and our own without hesitation.

We love our lives. We relish every moment. Savour its joy and energy.  We are so grateful for every scrap of food we yield to, every warm hole we find to make our homes, every new dawn we open our eyes to.  Every adventure and passing experience we behold and enjoy.  Do you?

We see you in a stupor, oblivious to much, distracted and often negative by the barrage of news and distorted logic you convince each other is true.  Demanding more and giving less.

Wanting more, more, more, yet never satisfied or accepting abundance.

We wish that you alter this mindset.  We wish you whole once more.  We wish you balance, grace and gratitude, blissful days, weeks, months and years.

We hold our virtues as ones you could get so much from.  Gratitude, love, acceptance, presence, loyalty, remembering, sharing, allowing, receiving, protecting.  Honouring.  Revering.  Being.

From these followings you will experience a way of being you would declare new, yet in the truest sense it is all there has ever been.

We ask you to see beyond your beliefs.  About mice and men and all things.  Reveal to yourselves how things really are.

The truth. You will be in awe and you will be happy and content.  As we are.  Blessings to you, humanity.

The post Mice appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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