The Purpose Of Species » Kangaroos Channelling The Purpose Of Animal Species From Their Collective Consciousness Wed, 17 Jun 2015 14:50:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Kangaroos Thu, 04 Nov 2010 11:19:57 +0000 Kangaroos advise us to learn and remember how to balance giving and receiving in our lives. To be grateful for all we have and all that we give out. To learn that there is a natural rhythm to life and that once learnt and mastered all becomes easy and flowing.

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Working with the force of this great Universe makes everything flow easily and bountifully.  Think of our kind bounding across the flat lands effortlessly with speed, power and grace.  We are strong, energetic, boundless and free to bounce in our power.

Our truth is that we understand how to balance the ebb and flow of life itself.  The essence of all things, all energy has a natural in and out, a high and low, like the tides or our breath.

If we work in harmony with this we always have what we need.  If we give in balance to what we receive all is deeply freeing, plentiful and abundant.  We learn as youngsters how to hold the balance and to be so joyously “great”ful for our ability to give to the Universe and to receive from the Universe.  Both as the bliss of being in balance with the way of things.

We observe in humanity much is out of balance.  Those who give far too much and push away things meant to be received.  Those who always want, want, want and receive without gratitude and without giving in return.

You must get this balance just so.  You need to perfect this balance and be joyously and effervescently grateful for your ability to do this.

Giving and receiving takes many forms and is not about money.  Money is simply one possible exchange.  You place far too much importance on that illusion you have called money.

No, giving and receiving is all about energetic exchange and when you get into the rhythm, one builds on the other, a momentum is found, a glorious symphony of action and reaction occurs that is like the expansion of the Universe itself.

It becomes easy, simple, wonder filled and blissful.

Watch us bound out.  Notice how we do this and notice how the out fuels the in and the in fuels the out.  It is a beautiful example of what we speak of here.  Absorb this truth.  Apply it. Yield to it.  Enjoy it.  Be thankful for this.  Blessed be.

The post Kangaroos appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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