The Purpose Of Species » Great Apes Channelling The Purpose Of Animal Species From Their Collective Consciousness Wed, 17 Jun 2015 14:50:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Orang-Utan Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:36:57 +0000 The collective consciousness of the Orang-Utan sends us a strong message urging humanity to stop destroying the planet. To regain balance and to take simply enough. To bring love back to the centre and to let go of all the old illusions as we evolve beyond this.

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If a tree falls and noone hears it does it make a sound?

If the forests burn and you cannot see, hear or feel it does it happen? Does it matter?

Look into our eyes and you can find the answers, look into your own eyes and you’ll see its the same.  We are the same.

Will it make any difference if we are no more?  Will it change our world if the fires continue to rage?  Will it be at the back of your mind? Pushed away?

When we are gone from this space will you notice? Will you realise what is the truth of this loss?

When the beauty is only scar tissue and desolation will it make you see?

We will not fight, we will not campaign, we will not moan or whinge or complain. We will simply withdraw.  We will cease to be in this place.  Balance is a fine line, all serves the whole, the whole serves all, magnificent is the whole in balance, unpredictable and savage is the imbalance. As hate is to love.

Bring love back as the centre, the core. What harm you cause to any, you cause to yourselves.

Lost in the sea of noise your kind still pushes for more, more, more never enough. Why isn’t enough, enough? Greed and fear feed this black of negativity.

There are those of you that see this knowing, feel it, hear it, know it.  The numbers of you are rising, you can sense this too.

Use this rise intelligently, one hundred monkies, yes?

Use it swiftly, accurately, wisely and definitely. Yes?

From within you sense this shift, you sense it yet may still be afraid of expressing the knowledge.  Trust it’s safe and trust you are never alone. Stand with us, as us, and know there is enough.

When you see us (and all) as you, as all you know (is) the truth. Only then can you appreciate the intricacy of the grand design, the dependencies and inter-dependencies of the entirety.  How stunningly brilliant it all is, how precious and fragile the balance is.  How glorious the masterpiece is when it is seen and experienced in the way of the truth.

We are not afraid of what you call death.  We know its vibration. We know its call and we flow with it.  We are saddened by the hate and fear and vibration of aggravation that still attacks our homes, our babies, our friends, our lives.  We are saddened that this is its brutal truth and yet we hope, always hope, you will turn in time, the vibration lifts in time, to realise the way, to know the error of the old low noise, the illusion of the old world.

We embrace and want to be a part of the physical world here and now yet we do not resist or as you say “fight”. We yield to what is, we breathe and accept.

We have much to teach you if you will be willing. How wise our elders are and how we honour this. How well our youngsters live for the moment, play in joy and always yield to what is.  How we care for each other and tolerate no infringement of our boundaries, our codes of honour and love.

We stand, swing, groom,eat, play, sleep, protect and travel with only love with only truth of who/what/why we are.

We want you to learn from us these powerful messages. We want you to know the real from the illusion.  Will you listen? Will you hear? Will you hear the trees falling? Will you feel the burning, the destruction, the dying, the loss? Will you? We trust and observe.

The post Orang-Utan appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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