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Long are the dark nights, yet the sun starts to linger that much longer each day now.  We are turning the corner, the significant shift in consciousness is well upon us now.  Are you ready for this?

As the planet shifted on its axis, the poles shift their power to realign with the golden balance.  The divine feminine reintegrates its all powerful grasp of the energies all around – showing us it is here by the occurrences on the planet we inhabit.  The rains, floods, and fire of Australia are both powerful signs of the cleansing of the old outbalanced masculine energies, the need for the sacred feminine to take back the power needed to create harmony and balance once more.

To signify the new the ice and cold winds rip around the globe, clearing, cleansing, renewing the energies, can you feel it?  Feel it inside you?  As the planet shows to us the changes occurring, these too are mirrored inside each of us.  We are clearing, cleansing much, readjusting to the new way.  The way of co-operation, partnership, intuition, heart centered loving and living, harmoniously flowing and remembering the truth and honouring this with the service we provide.  We animal kingdom too are called to assist humanity in this coming to pass.  We are urged to interact with you, to show you the way, to engage in ways that assist you in opening your hearts and reaching into your souls to remember the ease, the joy, the grace, the dance of service from a place of joy and love and gratitude, the caring for all as we are all.  The blurring of old thinking, old boundaries and separation that are now useless and must fall away.

Egyptians are sharing a very powerful example of this turning point. NO MORE!  They assert, firmly and mean it.  The old dominant, masculine forces are falling away, the energy grids cannot support what is old and outworn now they must, they do fade away now.

Embrace the new fully and whole heartedly, literally, for it brings great joy and fulfillment, love and peace, respect and calm, clarity of purpose and meaningful purpose.  What more could we want?

Loving ourselves, our gifts and talents, nurturing them, honouring them and following their call from deep inside us, gives us joy and love like never before in this experience.

Connecting and harmonising is all important.  What can we recreate here?  How can we work together now to create our heaven on earth.  That is our frame of reference.  You see I am saying “our” throughout, yes OUR.  We are one.  We are all the same ocean, unique sparkles yes, yet all one.

All from the same basket as Virginia McKenna (Founder of The BornFree Foundation) so aptly described it.

Watch with elephants a while.  We see that for every situation there is a way forward.  With calm, assured, loving movement or non movement we step onward, with peace.  We are squarely planted here on earth, grounded so well and yet so lightly and so connected to our mother source – we listen to our guided path and tread it as wisely, as fully, as wholly as we can.  We call for you to honour this true path.

We call for you to have faith and courage to break the binding of the old world from yourself, to let go of the shackles that now have fallen away, they are not controlling now, there is no power left in the old ways, of keeping small, hiding our lights, denying our lights.  No, for the time is to bring our light out, onto the table, polish it ’til it shines brightly and use it for all it’s worth!  To change our life!

To upgrade our momentary experience from dulled, listless, nonsense to vivid, energised, exquisite, guided creativity for the good of all.

Pray for all you vision.  Pray with open hearts.  Pray, knowing it is possible.  Pray for the highest good and hold this vision.  You must honour this creative process.  You must acknowledge your thought, all thought creates the experience.

You must remember, awaken, renewed and fully awake to this truth.  Emerge like the Phoenix from the old burnt away ashes, cleansed and renewed and hold a light, so clear, so bright, that all is sparkling, all is balanced, all is blessed, once more.

When you do this, know this, you are as important as we all are.  Your power is a part of all power.  Your choices are a part of all choice and these choices move mountains, YES!

Take this wisdom and apply it.  For all of us that are ready (reading this) are needed, urged to do this now, the time is now.

We tread lightly but firmly on this world.  We want you to do the same.

Miracles happen.  Believe.

The post Elephants appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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