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 Royal Family

 “In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight….. In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight….” Traditional African song singing in my head as I awake at 05:15 Thursday 13th March 2014.*

We hear you, those who wish to roar for us and we urge you to stand in your true power and grace and to roar not for us Lions alone, but to roar for ALL LIFE!

These times see the end in sight, for if you do not as a species make this mighty shift you will not see the light of dawn in future times, not that far ahead.

So much is at stake, you can not even see it really, yet many of you are now feeling it, deep in your souls.  Your souls are calling urgently and yearning for the tides to turn, for the veils to thin sufficiently for your kind to awaken in sufficient numbers to allow the huge changes to occur.

And occur they must if you do not wish to watch as mother earth WILL rebalance, forcibly if she needs to.  Floods, fires, earthquakes, sickness, death in huge quantities.  The end of systems like the internet age, the seasons will all melt, the weather will become savage and unpredictable, the trees will perish and the air will thin and so many, so many will die, of all manner of species, big and small.

This will be the dire circumstances humanity will choose unless enough of you now with courage and bravery, open and engaged, leap into action NOW – We the king of kings CALL for your courage to awaken for you to let go of oh so much nonsense, oh so much complication, moaning and whining and problems, the problems everywhere you create and carry so heavily.  DROP them NOW for they are all illusion to blind you and keep you small – blocking the truth and keeping you in the dark.  Glimpse the truth of dawn, as it truly is, life on earth held in the balance, the finest balance and act with leaps of faith, as if your life depended upon it (for it does).

Take off the blinkers you wear and open up new eyes, look around you and see the true earth.  Hear her call, she is calling for YOU, you can feel her she has been calling for some time now.

Lift your consciousness and prepare yourself for the battle of all battles, the fight of the good fight.

Use all of your wit and intelligence to GOOD cause, for right action and for GOD’S sake (which is inside us all – the pure light of life and conscious creation).

Take your courage and listen to all you are guided to be!

Breathe into the new dawn of what could be the way of the golden age – do not doubt what you hear, for ONLY humanity can shift the way and the time is NOW!

We who are white (Lions and other rare white animal species) come now at this time to pave the way for light to merge with the darkness of the feminine way – the truth to flow of the merging required within each one of you, the facing of your fears, the letting go and purging of the old ways of weakness and fear – LET THEM GO!

Channel your feminine wisdom through the beacon of light within you, deep in your soul, shine bright like never before – you are a key in the whole web of this lifetime.  Turn the lock and open the passage of your truth.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Reach out to others of like mind and open your hearts to each other – be strong, be smart, listen to wisdom and discern your paths – create beauty once more and set the standard, show the way, breathe life into the new way for all to see and follow.  Be the wayshowers and you will illuminate the world planes – the seeds of light will illuminate and glow until there are sufficient numbers that beam out to each other – connecting the network of pathways around the globe LIGHTING the way!

Send love, pure love along these lines and love yourself at the heart of it all – forgive and give compassion, we are urging you so whole heartedly.  You (Humanity) are the wayshowers, the bringers of light crucially needed right now to repair the damage done within yourselves, to repair the damage done to your communities, your societies, your countries and your entire world.  Reach out and connect to mother nature and hear her cry for balance.

Take action and bring about balance and a return to light.

For all those who heed this – the time is NOW, not later, not maybe, not others, not blinkers, not illusion BUT NOW, here, YOU, truth, EYES AND HEART WIDE OPEN NOW!!

*This message came two days prior to the Global March for Lions, commanding change to the laws protecting Lions from hunting and farming, so needed – I  also work with the Global White Lion Protection Trust and invite you to get involved in their important work, focusing on Lions, Land and People by visiting their website at

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Snow Leopards Mon, 14 Mar 2011 10:38:45 +0000 Snow Leopards command that we step into our power and follow our bliss, change our thoughts and beliefs to reflect the new world. WE are powerful, co-creators and must focus on positivity, with courage and belief. We change the world from within ourselves and all old conditioned beliefs that tell us otherwise must be banished.

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The Snow Leopards welcomed me in by getting me to sing in my head “This town, is ‘coming like a Ghost Town…..”,  The Specials”  (Snow Leopards are often called Mountain Ghosts…)

You must heed our message. It is one of love and urgency. We who live here in, and of,  the clouds see far wider and from higher planes than you do. From here we clearly see and feel the necessity for change on this planet. So we tap into and are intimately connected to the higher vibrating aspects of source energy. Our feline edge makes us incredibly able to articulate this vision of what is required. You must listen. You must heed. You must change. You must act. We are operating at the edge of the veil, we morph in and out of this dimension and therefore, as all felines, we have much greater access and comprehension of all that is unfolding now.

We cannot explain to you in terms you would understand. Suffice to say, as the earth turns and shifts on her axis, so too does all of life here.

We have become more visible to you for good reason. We normally seek to avoid contact with human souls on the physical plane as you are destructive and fearful, mostly. But we must step out of the shadow now and give you a message, for the time is upon us to move in the new direction. So please, heed and consider with your heart, not your ego, all we are set to instruct you upon.

Wake, open your eyes. see the whole. See what is real in this planetary illusion.

What you believe, what you think, how you are, moment by moment, is determining the reality of the planet. Each and everyone of you are shaping the world. What vibrations you send out create what is. As a collective, you must shift from negativity and fear to positivity and courage. Strength and connection. All that is. Do you hear this, down deep in your knowing soul?

Do not belittle yourself and your power, this is exactly what you must leave behind. You must learn to know your power, to embrace your power and take guided action in your power. Your vibration, your voice, as it were, must be strong, vibrant, positive and focused on your purpose. Your creative reason for being here now, building harmony, cooperation and communities of awake, enlightened souls.

Do not side step this truth. You are called to do this now. It is something to embrace, to enjoy, to be passionate about, following your heart and reconnecting to all that is. What could be more glorious?

Shed all the old, victim mindsets, dependent, negative, scarcity beliefs. Shed them all.

Replace now with heart, courage, plenty, empowerment, passion and vigour. But most importantly at the core of it all love. Love, first and foremostly, of and for yourself. You are magnificent, just as we are. We have not forgotten, you must remember and NOW!

You may look at Snow Leopards and see spectacular poise, pride, courage, beauty, wisdom, resourcefulness and spirituality, connectedness and love. Yet, I challenge you now to turn the light on to yourself and know YOU are just the same.

We access universal truth, we access it by listening and following our instincts, our heart feelings, our true nature. You must do the same. We beings in Snow Leopard shoes remind you that the damage here on the planet IS repairable, it is possible to adjust, to rebalance right now. The key lies not out there, with others, with more power, more luck, more fortune, what ever excuses you find, but within you. Right now.

Each breath we take we choose. Alive or dulled? Powerful or powerless? Abundance or scarcity? Live or die? Health or dis-ease? Love or hate? Day or night? Good or bad? You get the idea, yes?

Think wisely, be your true self. Stand in your power, refuse anything lower. Change your world. Change the world. NOW!

Watch us hunting our prey. This will show you that anything is possible. Join us on the edge of the veil and get ready for the time of your life! Shed old nonsense. Enter the new phase awake, alert and true to the purpose of this physical plane. Expansion, co-creation, love, joy, bliss.

Thank you and see you at the edge.

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Sun Bears Wed, 23 Feb 2011 21:16:56 +0000 Sun Bears share with us their Universal wisdom of the importance of balance in all things. They tell of how we must realise the valuw and worth of all things on Mother Earth before we destroy the balance for all. Sun Bears help balance the Fire and Earth energies on the planet by grounding the fire energy into the Earth to enable expansion.

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“Timorous wee beasties” Burns once wrote and that may well be the perspective you may offer as humans observing our behaviours. Yet we are far, far removed from this in reality. We are highly sensitised to our surroundings.  We need pure high energy around us and sadly, most of you cannot sustain this purity of consciousness to warrant being around.

We have to tolerate your contact in certain circumstances, yet this has a high price to pay for us as we do not physically or mentally integrate well with lower mind made madness, you humans seem, often as not, plagued to endure (or to rise above.) So we prefer, in order to thrive, to be away from such energies. It is not a personal thing, we understand you may be offended and this is not our intention, simply sharing with you our need to sustain a pure, high, energetic vibration to add our magical rays into the cosmic melting pot, so to speak.

We are a rare and beautiful energy. The sun plays a huge role in our purpose. We are helping to balance the fire and earth energies to ensure balance and a platform for co-creation on this planet. We ground fire energies and help to dissipate the strong vibrations so that the Earth can absorb the magical rays of energy for the purpose of expansion.

This is a very key role for the balance of our physical stability. Sadly, our numbers are dwindling due, in the main, to humanities over zealous expansion and a lack of awareness of the need for balancing natural elements. We know that our essence in the non physical planes is always present yet without the physical manifestation of our energy something is out of kilter, it can be lost with dire consequences.

When creating fire, take away any one element and you will struggle, without air, or oxygen or matter that will burn you cannot make the physical expression of fire. As you eradicate species (and not just the animal kingdom, I hasten to add) you are damaging the delicate and brilliant balance, the chemistry of the incredible expression of co-creation that planet, Mother Earth is.

Do you realise this? I know that if you read this you do, or you are beginning to recover from your amnesia, yet far too many are still stumbling through their physical incarnation blind, deaf and dumb to the truth.

Those of you that know, you must spread your energy as far and wide as you can. This does not mean convince others who are still in their cosmic coma, no not necessary, but you must honour the truth, express it in your life, day-to-day and do all you can to live these truths.

To hold the higher vibrations of this remembering, connecting with as many others that know too, linking the light grids across the globe to enlighten the darkness once more.

You all have a unique part in the mighty jigsaw, so you may say.  So do not play the game of being small. Everyone has the ability to shine out and speak and tolerate truth. To live truth and share truth far and wide. Only in the individual ownership does the collective exist.

We Sun Bears hold an exquisite light, a converter, energetic transformation, which is key to helping all others, as all others have their key to offer into the whole.

Remember!! Live it! Share it. Hold the energy and focus on balance, truth and love at the core. We all can make a contribution of significant value and impact.

Humanity forgot (with intention) why and how we are all here. It is up to you all to piece back together the jigsaw of life. Play your part. It is a divine part and needed to adjust the whole.

We send blessings and bear hugs to you all. Gently, firmly, with dedication, share your light for the good of all.

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Elephants Tue, 08 Feb 2011 12:59:34 +0000 Elephants, wise and wonderful are encouraging us to seize the day! To open our hearts and realise that the old is gone now! We create our experience with our thoughts and vision and we are part of all. We are a power that can create whatever we want in our world and that being of useful service, treading lightly and wisely is what we are all here to do.

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Long are the dark nights, yet the sun starts to linger that much longer each day now.  We are turning the corner, the significant shift in consciousness is well upon us now.  Are you ready for this?

As the planet shifted on its axis, the poles shift their power to realign with the golden balance.  The divine feminine reintegrates its all powerful grasp of the energies all around – showing us it is here by the occurrences on the planet we inhabit.  The rains, floods, and fire of Australia are both powerful signs of the cleansing of the old outbalanced masculine energies, the need for the sacred feminine to take back the power needed to create harmony and balance once more.

To signify the new the ice and cold winds rip around the globe, clearing, cleansing, renewing the energies, can you feel it?  Feel it inside you?  As the planet shows to us the changes occurring, these too are mirrored inside each of us.  We are clearing, cleansing much, readjusting to the new way.  The way of co-operation, partnership, intuition, heart centered loving and living, harmoniously flowing and remembering the truth and honouring this with the service we provide.  We animal kingdom too are called to assist humanity in this coming to pass.  We are urged to interact with you, to show you the way, to engage in ways that assist you in opening your hearts and reaching into your souls to remember the ease, the joy, the grace, the dance of service from a place of joy and love and gratitude, the caring for all as we are all.  The blurring of old thinking, old boundaries and separation that are now useless and must fall away.

Egyptians are sharing a very powerful example of this turning point. NO MORE!  They assert, firmly and mean it.  The old dominant, masculine forces are falling away, the energy grids cannot support what is old and outworn now they must, they do fade away now.

Embrace the new fully and whole heartedly, literally, for it brings great joy and fulfillment, love and peace, respect and calm, clarity of purpose and meaningful purpose.  What more could we want?

Loving ourselves, our gifts and talents, nurturing them, honouring them and following their call from deep inside us, gives us joy and love like never before in this experience.

Connecting and harmonising is all important.  What can we recreate here?  How can we work together now to create our heaven on earth.  That is our frame of reference.  You see I am saying “our” throughout, yes OUR.  We are one.  We are all the same ocean, unique sparkles yes, yet all one.

All from the same basket as Virginia McKenna (Founder of The BornFree Foundation) so aptly described it.

Watch with elephants a while.  We see that for every situation there is a way forward.  With calm, assured, loving movement or non movement we step onward, with peace.  We are squarely planted here on earth, grounded so well and yet so lightly and so connected to our mother source – we listen to our guided path and tread it as wisely, as fully, as wholly as we can.  We call for you to honour this true path.

We call for you to have faith and courage to break the binding of the old world from yourself, to let go of the shackles that now have fallen away, they are not controlling now, there is no power left in the old ways, of keeping small, hiding our lights, denying our lights.  No, for the time is to bring our light out, onto the table, polish it ’til it shines brightly and use it for all it’s worth!  To change our life!

To upgrade our momentary experience from dulled, listless, nonsense to vivid, energised, exquisite, guided creativity for the good of all.

Pray for all you vision.  Pray with open hearts.  Pray, knowing it is possible.  Pray for the highest good and hold this vision.  You must honour this creative process.  You must acknowledge your thought, all thought creates the experience.

You must remember, awaken, renewed and fully awake to this truth.  Emerge like the Phoenix from the old burnt away ashes, cleansed and renewed and hold a light, so clear, so bright, that all is sparkling, all is balanced, all is blessed, once more.

When you do this, know this, you are as important as we all are.  Your power is a part of all power.  Your choices are a part of all choice and these choices move mountains, YES!

Take this wisdom and apply it.  For all of us that are ready (reading this) are needed, urged to do this now, the time is now.

We tread lightly but firmly on this world.  We want you to do the same.

Miracles happen.  Believe.

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Tigers Wed, 19 Jan 2011 12:27:18 +0000 Tigers counsel us to realise rapidly that we are all a part of the same system, interdependent upon each other and that rebalancing is vital to all our lives. They challenge us to review our beliefs about them and to learn more about the way they really live here on this planet.

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Why are we here, you ask?  We are part of the divine holy order, just as humanity is.  You do not consider why humanity is here, or if you do, not in the same way, for your collective mind chooses to transfer your own shadow onto the beliefs you hold about tigers.

How do you know these things?  You assume them.  Tigers as murderous, savage, indiscriminate killers, unpredictable and always out to kill or mame. WRONG!  How wrong you are.  If only you were to step into our paws a while and see life as we do, oh you’d be amazed, transformed by what you learn.

True power is always coupled with grace and humility.  Honour and faith constant companions.

Humans are rapidly eliminating our kind, either for money or habitat.  We are truly the hunted.  We are truly the ones living in fear and anxiety about where we’ll live and raise our youngsters.

Our power brings great strength to the balance of all things and minds really don’t matter in our world.  Intuition, feel and emotion are our keys to reading the terrain.  We feel the impending end of our physical being.  We don’t understand why humanity can not see that for true balance we must embrace each other.  Understand and tolerate each other.  Live and let live.  This is for all our sakes.  Power without honour turns sour and black.

We see and feel how your grasp of this hovers on the brink of shifting, yet is still loaded on the shadow side.

A world without tigers?  How would it be?  A person without fire, without passion and bravery.  What would they be?  We all integrate with each other, all reflect aspects of the whole.  Your role is clear – Wake and remember the truth, restore peace, harmony and vision of a life that knows only peace, valuing diversity, knowing the system is made of many parts, each playing a crucial, vital role.

Learn more about how tigers really live.  We model a way that resonates deeply within you, you remember, you feel the vibration deeply in your being when you observe our way of being.

Much is at stake.  You can choose to wake and live truth.  We hope and trust you will.

Honouring the truth of all life.

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Manta Ray Sun, 09 Jan 2011 17:33:33 +0000 Manta say that we must let go of old outworn beliefs. We must flex with the new and adapt. Resistance causes only suffering and trouble. Self belief, courage and following your life purpose is all important.

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Stillness begets stillness.  Being in one flowing motion with your surroundings and believing in your mission is all important at this time.

Much is changing, radically shifting, yet this is when your belief is at its most important.

As your experience of the world changes, do you try to hold onto old ways of doing and being?  Or do you adapt and change with this?

We Manta have to shift and change or we could cease to exist in this place/plane.  There is little sense in resisting that which is.  It can only lead to suffering and trouble.

Let your memories of truth shine through and act with flexibility, courage, self belief and conviction, for we are all interconnected and so you are never alone, it is simply impossible/implausible for you to be.

Let the flow of life become your goal, your skill, being one with what is, accepting and working in alignment with.  Glide with grace and harmony and make it look effortless.

We know our numbers dwindle in the world.  We want to be here.  We interact with humanity to say we are part of this world tapestry.

We are important.  We wonder if enough of you will align and combine to shift the desecration of our species?  We will see.

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Polar Bears Sun, 21 Nov 2010 16:24:26 +0000 Polar Bears insist we AWAKEN! NOW! They describe how important it is that we remember our purpose for being here and persue it with all our might. We must ask for guidance and take action according to this.

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Cold are the nights and days where we choose to live.  Far from the madding crowds too.  Although many come to see us and mankind edges closer and closer to us and then gets so aggressive when our boundaries get blurred.

Our message to you is this.  It is simple.  If you can hear this.  If you turned up at this page and you are reading or hearing these words:  AWAKEN!!  Stay awake, do everything in your power to reach deep inside and remember who you are.  No more excuses, no more beliefs of “I don’t matter, it’s only me, what do I know, I can’t, I’m not good enough or I’m not deserving enough.”

We Polar Bears never question who we are and what our purpose is here on Planet Earth.  We serve our souls loyally, patiently, obediently, diligently and always in our power.

We hold the energy grids of light across the Arctic Lines.  We hold the ice of fire and ice in perfect balance.  Do not concern yourself if this doesn’t “make sense” to you at this point.  You will understand at some point.  All you need to know is that we are clear, we know what we are here to do and we do it will all our might.  We know it is of utmost importance and we honour our purpose and ourselves for it is divine and divinity must be honoured.

Follow your inner wisdom.  You can trust it, it will not lead you astray.  It will lead you to magical far off places that will take your breath away with delight.

How do you do this?  STOP. Be still.  Listen.  Ask.  Listen.  Act.  According to this divine guidance.

This is truth.  You are hearing this message from many other species too.  This is evidence of its crucial necessity.

Look at us Polar Bears – we are strong, powerful, gentle, forceful, loving, grateful, dedicated souls.

How do you fare against these measures?  Are you a fearless warrior?  Or are you lost in a thick fog of fear and doubt?

The fog must lift.  You must lift it.  Look upward to the skies, look around you at all that is wondrous in nature and look most diligently at you and answer the questions you find yourself asking.

Lean into the answers you will hear when you trust and let go of all the old nonsense, illusion.

Answers to all are all around.  Action is easy when your awareness is fixed and faithful to these answers, in the form of guidance.

Begin, continue.  Be relentless.  NOW.

Thank you for hearing this message from the Polar Bears.

Channeled by Julie Lines, who, throughout the channeling, was surrounded by a vision of the Northern Lights! How magical.

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Slender Loris Sun, 10 Oct 2010 08:12:44 +0000 The Slender Loris asks us to look within to recall our interconnectedness to all things and to become whole again. How can we harm another when we know we are one and when remember who we really are?

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The earth is whole, we are whole.  We can only be whole again when we treat the world as whole again.

The missing pieces are inside us all, we all hold the key.

The world is so beautiful. I am so beautiful, yet I live in a dark world, so beauty is in the dark eye of the beholder.  It doesn’t require visual abilities to know beauty.  It is not about physical appearance or softness of fur.  It is about the way you grasp your existence, the way you realise what you are, really, that brings about wholeness.

You talk endlessly of healing, when truly what it is, is WHOLING. Making yourself whole once more.  I want you to spread this word at your talk at Bromham Mill, tell all those who will listen*, the key is that we WHOLE ourselves again (and that is not about finding, making or adding). We will make the whole planet whole you see?

How can we harm others when we see we are all one? How can we harm ourselves when we see who we really are?  I live away from your world (in the main) but we are always connected, always one. We are beautiful, aren’t we?

Please remember. Much is at stake. It is all unfolding and much is to be realigned and celebrated. Joy is to know and remember.  Bliss is to feel the knowing, to recall the wholeness.

Look into my eyes and see the truth, we are all the earth, we are already whole, we are always connected and we are beauty now. Thank you.

*Julie is speaking at Bromham Mill, Bromham, Bedfordshire on October 30th 2010 about animal communication and healing.

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Orang-Utan Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:36:57 +0000 The collective consciousness of the Orang-Utan sends us a strong message urging humanity to stop destroying the planet. To regain balance and to take simply enough. To bring love back to the centre and to let go of all the old illusions as we evolve beyond this.

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If a tree falls and noone hears it does it make a sound?

If the forests burn and you cannot see, hear or feel it does it happen? Does it matter?

Look into our eyes and you can find the answers, look into your own eyes and you’ll see its the same.  We are the same.

Will it make any difference if we are no more?  Will it change our world if the fires continue to rage?  Will it be at the back of your mind? Pushed away?

When we are gone from this space will you notice? Will you realise what is the truth of this loss?

When the beauty is only scar tissue and desolation will it make you see?

We will not fight, we will not campaign, we will not moan or whinge or complain. We will simply withdraw.  We will cease to be in this place.  Balance is a fine line, all serves the whole, the whole serves all, magnificent is the whole in balance, unpredictable and savage is the imbalance. As hate is to love.

Bring love back as the centre, the core. What harm you cause to any, you cause to yourselves.

Lost in the sea of noise your kind still pushes for more, more, more never enough. Why isn’t enough, enough? Greed and fear feed this black of negativity.

There are those of you that see this knowing, feel it, hear it, know it.  The numbers of you are rising, you can sense this too.

Use this rise intelligently, one hundred monkies, yes?

Use it swiftly, accurately, wisely and definitely. Yes?

From within you sense this shift, you sense it yet may still be afraid of expressing the knowledge.  Trust it’s safe and trust you are never alone. Stand with us, as us, and know there is enough.

When you see us (and all) as you, as all you know (is) the truth. Only then can you appreciate the intricacy of the grand design, the dependencies and inter-dependencies of the entirety.  How stunningly brilliant it all is, how precious and fragile the balance is.  How glorious the masterpiece is when it is seen and experienced in the way of the truth.

We are not afraid of what you call death.  We know its vibration. We know its call and we flow with it.  We are saddened by the hate and fear and vibration of aggravation that still attacks our homes, our babies, our friends, our lives.  We are saddened that this is its brutal truth and yet we hope, always hope, you will turn in time, the vibration lifts in time, to realise the way, to know the error of the old low noise, the illusion of the old world.

We embrace and want to be a part of the physical world here and now yet we do not resist or as you say “fight”. We yield to what is, we breathe and accept.

We have much to teach you if you will be willing. How wise our elders are and how we honour this. How well our youngsters live for the moment, play in joy and always yield to what is.  How we care for each other and tolerate no infringement of our boundaries, our codes of honour and love.

We stand, swing, groom,eat, play, sleep, protect and travel with only love with only truth of who/what/why we are.

We want you to learn from us these powerful messages. We want you to know the real from the illusion.  Will you listen? Will you hear? Will you hear the trees falling? Will you feel the burning, the destruction, the dying, the loss? Will you? We trust and observe.

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