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Transformation requires the combination of trust, inner vision and courage.  You are a creature destined to transform by your very nature, yet you seem to resist this transformation which, to us bats, we find concerning and confusing.

As bats we have the night vision, an ability to know what is occurring at many levels.  We trust it implicitly and know that this sight is keen to assist our movement and fluidity.

We know what we search for, we lock onto it and move swiftly and confidently forward, sideward, upward, downward to find our desires.

We are creatures of the dark.  That doesn’t mean bad as humans often label, oh no, we are receptive and able to create and thrive whilst navigating our way fearlessly through the silent unknowing.

We urge humanity, you, at this time, to become sure of your target, lock your senses onto it and trust with all your heart that you will be guided toward that which you desire, set aside your mind made fears and fly with all your ability towards your hearts desire.

In order to evolve and raise your vibration you must transcend the lower petty mindsets and beliefs of fear, scarcity and unworthiness.  You are an equal on this plane.  Destined for greatness.  If you will only lean in and trust this.  You are woven into the great web of life and the illusion of separation, control and lack are mistaken thinking that serve no good purpose.

Much is to be shifted on planet earth right now.  Bats urge you to embrace your inner wisdom, to trust as you fly into the dark, knowing you can rely on the support of the Universe and soar towards your real reasons for being here.

Look for us as signs to support you, we are around, if you only still yourself and open yourself.

As you open up to seeing us you also open up your knowing of your true life purpose.  Grab this knowing and choose to act on all things guided from your heart to allow this purpose to manifest beautifully in your life.

Be swift. Be sure.  Be focused and trust your inner vision and guidance. Do this NOW.  The time is NOW.

With love and support from us Bats.

The post Bats appeared first on The Purpose Of Species.

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