Thu, Mar 13, 2014

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 Royal Family

 “In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight….. In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight….” Traditional African song singing in my head as I awake at 05:15 Thursday 13th March 2014.*

We hear you, those who wish to roar for us and we urge you to stand in your true power and grace and to roar not for us Lions alone, but to roar for ALL LIFE!

These times see the end in sight, for if you do not as a species make this mighty shift you will not see the light of dawn in future times, not that far ahead.

So much is at stake, you can not even see it really, yet many of you are now feeling it, deep in your souls.  Your souls are calling urgently and yearning for the tides to turn, for the veils to thin sufficiently for your kind to awaken in sufficient numbers to allow the huge changes to occur.

And occur they must if you do not wish to watch as mother earth WILL rebalance, forcibly if she needs to.  Floods, fires, earthquakes, sickness, death in huge quantities.  The end of systems like the internet age, the seasons will all melt, the weather will become savage and unpredictable, the trees will perish and the air will thin and so many, so many will die, of all manner of species, big and small.

This will be the dire circumstances humanity will choose unless enough of you now with courage and bravery, open and engaged, leap into action NOW – We the king of kings CALL for your courage to awaken for you to let go of oh so much nonsense, oh so much complication, moaning and whining and problems, the problems everywhere you create and carry so heavily.  DROP them NOW for they are all illusion to blind you and keep you small – blocking the truth and keeping you in the dark.  Glimpse the truth of dawn, as it truly is, life on earth held in the balance, the finest balance and act with leaps of faith, as if your life depended upon it (for it does).

Take off the blinkers you wear and open up new eyes, look around you and see the true earth.  Hear her call, she is calling for YOU, you can feel her she has been calling for some time now.

Lift your consciousness and prepare yourself for the battle of all battles, the fight of the good fight.

Use all of your wit and intelligence to GOOD cause, for right action and for GOD’S sake (which is inside us all – the pure light of life and conscious creation).

Take your courage and listen to all you are guided to be!

Breathe into the new dawn of what could be the way of the golden age – do not doubt what you hear, for ONLY humanity can shift the way and the time is NOW!

We who are white (Lions and other rare white animal species) come now at this time to pave the way for light to merge with the darkness of the feminine way – the truth to flow of the merging required within each one of you, the facing of your fears, the letting go and purging of the old ways of weakness and fear – LET THEM GO!

Channel your feminine wisdom through the beacon of light within you, deep in your soul, shine bright like never before – you are a key in the whole web of this lifetime.  Turn the lock and open the passage of your truth.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Reach out to others of like mind and open your hearts to each other – be strong, be smart, listen to wisdom and discern your paths – create beauty once more and set the standard, show the way, breathe life into the new way for all to see and follow.  Be the wayshowers and you will illuminate the world planes – the seeds of light will illuminate and glow until there are sufficient numbers that beam out to each other – connecting the network of pathways around the globe LIGHTING the way!

Send love, pure love along these lines and love yourself at the heart of it all – forgive and give compassion, we are urging you so whole heartedly.  You (Humanity) are the wayshowers, the bringers of light crucially needed right now to repair the damage done within yourselves, to repair the damage done to your communities, your societies, your countries and your entire world.  Reach out and connect to mother nature and hear her cry for balance.

Take action and bring about balance and a return to light.

For all those who heed this – the time is NOW, not later, not maybe, not others, not blinkers, not illusion BUT NOW, here, YOU, truth, EYES AND HEART WIDE OPEN NOW!!

*This message came two days prior to the Global March for Lions, commanding change to the laws protecting Lions from hunting and farming, so needed – I  also work with the Global White Lion Protection Trust and invite you to get involved in their important work, focusing on Lions, Land and People by visiting their website at

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