Tue, Dec 17, 2013


Poise, peace and perceptive alertness are only a few qualities we Weasels offer to you, humanity, at this unprecedented time of evolution on tiny, tiny planet earth.

If you can but only take a moment to come into the moment with these three ways of being you will surely experience a new and improved way of life.

Poise, to be ready, in a state of mind, state of physical readiness, anticipating miracles and magic, held not with attachment but with non judgemental flexibility you will transform your passing time.  Your thoughts create your feelings, create your physical well being.

Peace, turbulent, forceful, transformative changes are all around, this is certainty, yet when you access peace filled states you can glide and shift with grace, speed and flexibility.  We Weasels are the epitome of this, manifest into exquisite, furry, flexing bodies, able to be invisible, swift as lightning, strong and adaptive and fierce when required.

We fill our beings with a deep peace to allow this flow.  we guide you to access this peace as an essential tool to your ability to thrive in these times.

Put down your busy minds, let go of all the noise, your lives are busting with white noise, how can you ever experience peace this way?

Perceptive alertness,  listen with your heart and soul.  What whispers are your missing in your noise filled, messy world?  All you ever need is held in these subtle whispers, they will only be accessible when you still yourself.

Become a clear reflective body of water, on which the signs and clues can be gleaned.

This is the way of Weasel.  We implore you to listen to these truths, listen then apply them practically into your daily experience.

The acceleration of the noise from humanity will and does create insanity and mindless destruction, dis-ease and the death of spirit.  There is no worse a state of being than carried away on these waves of desperation and fear.

We urge you to step off this fatal roundabout and centre yourself, still yourself to your core and transform your poise, peace and perceptive awareness so that you may pursue that which you are really here to create and be.  Your participation is VITAL, yes vital to the direction of our total experience as we proceed past 2013 into the last phase of the big shift – you may deny the truth of that statement but we hope you really hear this.  YOU shape the future path of this world.

Your choices, your abilities to transcend the petty, false truths flaunted all around you by your kind are CRUCIAL to the path we all will take.

Do not deny this truth, do not push it away feeling fearful or irritated.  Excuses are just that.  NOTHING is more important than your state of being.  Your created experience of being you.

We Weasels implore you to awaken to this simple truth.  To awaken and act in accordance with this.

To change your world (internal) changes the whole world (external).  The reality is there is no difference as we are all one – PLEASE drink this knowing into your whole and realise your importance in the shift needed to alter the path of humanity.  The time is NOW.

With love and grace from the Weasels.

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