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Community, caring, nurturing, protecting each other.  That is what we are focused on.  We love our children, we take care of them, show them how to be a part of the family and give them a set of boundaries to live within, for their good and all our herds good.  We live in peace, we are peace.

We move fluidly and ensure all are accounted for, elders and injured are guarded and guided by more able bodies.  We are deeply connected to the land, the air, the sky, the water.  We are a part of her.  We love her and tread carefully upon her.  We receive from her with gratitude and respect.  We know she wants to sustain us.  It is meant that we are all sustained, that we can be and that we all play our part in this big tapestry of life on Earth’s surfaces.  We know we are sacred, like all life.

We know we deserve to be sustained.  We know we must tread lightly and do no harm.  We feel these rhythms in our souls and hearts.  We love our lives and our reasons for being here.  We love our communities and ourselves.  We love peace and kindness.

Our urgent message to humanity is to stop – you are off path, you must remember what it is we speak of and fast or you will not be here in this physical plane for much longer.  You must remember your hearts and the truths contained within.

Your denial of how our species is often treated on this planet serves to keep you from finding your truth.


Our mothers are forced to have babies, then they are taken from them, some babies are put into crates in the darkness until killed for expensive “luxury” for pride filled humans.  Horns are burnt out, often with nothing to stop our pain, we are often killed immediately for being the wrong gender or too many.

Then our mothers are milked of everything within them, until they are spent and ready to die.  Discarded and dumped as finished.

Our boys who are castrated, often very painfully are fed for a year then often cramped into lorries and taken to killing places, they hear, smell, see and feel their families being killed before them, often slowly and with no dignity, they are terrified and rigid with fear.

This is hidden by humanity.  Why?  For it allows the humans to pretend it is not like this, to pretend cows aren’t living, feeling, emotional beings – well we are!!

If you put yourself in our shoes, what would this be like for you?

Would you think it OK?

Does it fit with a world of love, community, balance?  Can you see it?  Will you see it?

There is more to this than meets the eye, however.  The energy of we Cows, our essence, is about receiving, the feminine energy.  The ability to allow into your life.  To receive is a key part of every persons inner balance.  To give, yes, but also to receive too.

Many humans block this part of themselves, they deny themselves out of self hatred, wounds they blame themselves for or believe they are not worthy.  They do not receive incoming thought forms, they block information because they are too busy sending out into the world – giving relentlessly, some positive, much negatively, meaning not from love but from fear or hatred.

This blocked receptivity causes hardship and lack, pain and suffering, the wounds within humanity causes the imbalances on this earth.

So your treatment of our kind, in the majority, reflects this rejection of the feminine receptivity, blocking from your consciousness that we are treated this way.

We Cows urge you to learn to receive, to heal your wounds that tell you it’s not OK to have enough, you are not worthy to receive, you are never doing/being enough.

You must nurture and awaken your feminine energies to receive and nurture yourself and in being balanced in this way you will be assisting in shifting the consciousness of all humanity, until our current treatment is no longer acceptable, you will all see how this is not acceptable and will change.

We send humanity love and urge you from our hearts to be receptive, to know you are worthy, you are able to live a life joyously, peacefully, in harmony and in loving community, with plenty for all and more to spare.

It is all held within you.  Examine yourself, allow balance to arise perfectly and you will do the greatest service to all, Universally.

Watch our kind, listen to us, see how we live.  Step into our hooves and feel what it is to be like this.

Know that we support humanities changing energy, we wish for you to ascend vibrationally and find love in your hearts.  We wish it for all our sakes.  We love you as we love our calves.  Help by remembering and acting as worthy beings, you are worthy!  Receive goodness into your life and send it back out into the world.  This is the key.  With love from the Cows.


If you like reading the wisdom of the animal species, the first 44 messages from animal species are available in the beautifully illustrated, full colour Volume One of  “The Purpose of Species – Animal Message for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond”, if you like the sound of it, do take a look at the mini video below to see and hear a little more.  You can also  order your own copy here.


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4 Responses to “Cows”

  1. Shayne Newllyn Says:

    Dear Julie
    I commend you on the purity of your channeling from the cows. Having done a lot of work with the cows in the context of “The Sacred Cow” I resonate deeply with the truth of what they are saying. It moves me deeply that these beautiful beings of love of treated the way we humans have allowed ourselves to do, and it is symptomatic of the way we treat ourselves and one another.
    Let this message serve to help us all to awaken to the state of affairs right now on the planet, whilst also allowing us to be inspired to rise up to the love that we are capable of, for ourselves, each other and the animals.
    With love, joy & gratitude


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Dearest Shayne, thank you my love – yes I know you have a deep connection with the mighty Bovines and you have done some amazing work with them. Amen to all you say sweet soul sister! Look forward to our alignment for a good catch up soon! XXX


  2. Maureen Says:

    Sooooooo beautiful, dear Julie. My heart breaks that these beautiful Beings are not treated with the grace and love that they so deserve…. You have shared their Spirit with such eloquence and I know they are grateful for your part in delivering their message. Much love to you AND to our brother and sister cows…


    • Julie Says:

      Dearest Reney, yes it is so sad to know the truth about how humanity treats these beautiful beings. It is so well hidden and kept invisible. The suffering they endure is truly dreadful and it must change. The horrors of the slaughter houses are not only horrifying for the animals but for all of the people that work in them too. It truly is akin to a concentration camp and mental trauma causes a huge suicide rate in the low paid often immigrant workers. I’m holding a vision of an end to these places. Where we return to love and peace and give these beautiful creatures back a natural life with their children. Sending much love to you dear Reney. XxxxX


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