Tue, Jun 18, 2013


DogWe are here to show you your power. A power that lies so deep that many of you have no idea or are unaware you own it.

We join you in a chosen physical form of size, colour and shape to make sure that whatever the stage in your journey, your life story or your vibration you will welcome an opportunity to learn, to discover, to grow, to trust and to reach the peace that is at the true power of all of you, with one of our kind beside you.

You do not chose to have us enter your world but we invite you to come into ours – a world free from limiting beliefs, from judgement, from competition and from struggle. We have many lessons to show and many ways to become part of you, so that as one we can both move beyond the realms we see before us and understand the true purpose of human existence. All of your stories, all of your perceived troubles are simply made of energy.

Our hearts are now the biggest of all mammals in relation to our sizes and this has to be so. As we are here to join with your magnetically, and allow you the space and freedom to discover a new way of being. We literally ‘feel’ your joys, we ‘feel’ your pains and we act accordingly.  We wait patiently for the day we feel that you feel peace.  Then it is often our time to move on.  Then for you is the time to discover the final truth of creation, that nothing is ever real – but to you, nothing is ever there – but to you, nothing ever leaves and everything is in transformation.

Our joy lies in feeling your energies change on this planet, we want to thank you and all of humanity for your acceptance and for allowing us the chance to enter your lives so intimately. Life need never be a competition when the truths of life live within the feelings of the heart. For it is the heart that clears the mind.

Join us for the peace that is there for all at the heart centre. The mind only world is a fearful world, it is a competitive world. In a mind only world you will never reach our inner world, the most you can do is to bring us into yours. Our true reflection for you is to allow you to release judgement and fear. To become as equal with both animals and other humans beings. It pleases us to feel so many more humans as equals, experiencing the joy and peace of a heart to heart world.

Thank you to the wonderful Caroline Griffith for sharing this channelling with us.

4 Responses to “Dogs”

  1. lyndsay Says:

    This had many powerful messages for me, and the realisation of many things that have fallen into place when my beloved dog , Fred was sent to the bridge. What is also very interesting is that I know Caroline but never knew she channels messages!


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Lyndsay, wonderful to hear the Dogs message made a lot of sense for you. Caroline said this is the first time she has channelled on a collective consciousness level, truth is we are all capable, with practice and patience. Much love, Julie XXX


  2. spike Says:

    i once had an amazing dog who came into my life when everything was rubbish and totally changed it for the better then he left me suddenly and horrifically and i thought my world had died with him but i connected with him and felt such a feeling of deep peace and love that i knew at once he was stiil there for me life is good and i truly believe he was sent to help me God Bless you boy you were and continue to be an amazing friend


    • Julie Says:

      Thanks Spike for sharing your story. Yes our animal friends always are with us, whether here in the physical or the non physical, we are all connected always. Much love Julie. XXX


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