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Sun, Apr 21, 2013


white_dove-wideThis channeled message came at 1:24am on 6th April 2013 – I awoke with the following hymn in my mind;

“Peace perfect peace, is the gift for all mankind, peace perfect peace is the gift for all mankind.”

It is the path to peace that concerns us now, we must walk this path, we must embrace the path, we MUST realise that only this path will divert our results on the planet.  In peace their is every solution to every problem.  There is salvation in every dark corner, there is wisdom rekindled in all hearts and there is a world that continues to exist with humanity in place in the physical form. Peace is the only way.  Peace from deep inside our hearts and souls.  Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul, peace in love.

It has been a message that has been around for all of our time here yet people have, in the main, seen the idea as utopian or unobtainable, a nice aspiration for some but not really practical in our modern, busy, war torn, corrupt and sinister world.

This is a myth – this is another lie of the highest order.  Peace is THE ONLY WAY to move beyond the current state of imbalance and it must start from deep within YOU.

Yes YOU.  This is not to be externalised in anyway.  You must not delude yourself a moment longer.  This is about you – it always has been and always will be.  Do not find excuses for why you can not be at peace right now – due to others – other people, other circumstances, other issues.  NO.  This is old illusion.  Go within.  As we explained before go into your heart and ask yourself: What is peace?  How do I act from a place of peace?  Who am I?  Who am I as a person of peace?

What must I change? What must I be? What must I do to BE PEACE, how must my thinking, my trains of thought change?  How may I act in this world? How do I allow this?

Accept no excuses – for they are just that excuses! And beware – for anything that turns to “outside” of yourself is illusion – it is denial of an aspect within that needs rebalancing, an unresolved trauma from your path that only you can let go of.  You must become proficient at self awareness.

Time is of the essence.  With awareness of a lack of peace of mind, check within, how do I let go?  How can I allow myself to let go?  Am I willing to own this as my internal issue and be willing to let it go?

Ask for assistance from a higher power and hand it over with willingness to release it.  Keep repeating this until you rebalance.  If it is a thought pattern, if it is a reoccurring (or one off) health imbalance, if it is negativity towards yourself or towards others, keep noticing, breathing, ask for help, surrender it, hand it over and repeat to yourself, “I am willing to release this mistaken thinking/feeling – please fill me with peace – pure peace now. Thank you.

Repeat until your feel more peaceful.  If it returns, repeat again. mother earthAn itchy face, a rude customer, an item on the news, a sore throat, a twitch in your eye, your partners habits, a nations generalised attitude, anything and everything is merely a reflection of imbalances within you.  They call for attention, they long for rebalance, perfect balance, they try to get your attention they wish to be at peace, they long for it.  Deep within you.

So turn inward, on all.  This is key.  Reach inside yourself and lovingly, yet firmly ask for help with moving forward in PEACE.  In all ways.  Be your own source of peace.  IT IS THE ONLY WAY.

You are reading this right now as you are calling out for peace inside you, this inward peace is the ONLY way to bring about peace on earth.  Do not buy into the mass illusion that it is “all the others” this is false truth – it leads to destruction and devastation, it leads to annihilation.  It will be the way if you do not, in sufficient numbers go to work on this most vital of all tasks.


Feel the deepest peace as you allow yourself to release all old patterns of imbalance.  It feels sublime.  Be peace – now and always – your ripple outward is hugely needed and beneficial.


I speak on behalf of humanity and all life (which is everything) THIS IS OF UTMOST URGENCY AND IMPORTANCE.

Let these words – this energy – carry you to a new dawn of being.  This does not mean isolation and a monk like existence, no, it means choosing to go within instead of watching television or sitting on the internet, or drinking alcohol or gossiping with friends, or any sort of distraction that is not PEACE.

It is time to do/be this.  You can do this lightly and with a smile in your heart.  You can live your own life fully in this way.  Joy”fully” you will inspire many others as you are this.

You can do, practically anything you like in your life, what you do is irrelevant (the nature of your service) what is RELEVANT is that you do this with and from a place of purest peace.

This peace will help guide you to your divine service, your purpose, your life path.

This peace will free you to give service like never before.

It will free you from illusions of scarcity, victim consciousness, hatred of self, hatred of others and the heavy, fixed, hopeless, helpless parts of your being that keep you low, stuck, chained to old ways.

These are all illusions and only a life of vigilance and dedication to choose the path of peace, inwardly will free you from these shackles.

It takes dedication, it takes awareness, it takes courage and most of all it takes DEEP LOVE – love of your whole self, acceptance of all AS IT IS, passion for peace, passion for love and a willingness to let your old identity (imagined self) to fall away, naturally, as who you really are, free of these imagined persona’s is far more magnificent, free, loving, wondrous and magical than you can even imagine!!


Your path is illuminated and you are guided all the way, inwardly, you are held safely (inwardly) all the way, you trust completely (inwardly) and can vision the way beautifully (inwardly).  This illuminates your present guided action, as you act in perfect harmony, grace and truth.  This way of being is the diamond within, polished and dazzling.  It is the purity of light that blasts away all old nonsense – it simply can not exist once you are in your light centre.  Illusions still continue to appear – you stand in your peace – blast the light and all is returned to truth – through PEACE.

Remember dearest hearts and souls – YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE – you are the macrocosm that allows for the all (microcosm) to reflect the peace you return to.

THIS IS TRUTH. All else in illusion.  Take back your inner power.  The power of pure love and peace.  Live it. NOW.

Wrapping you in pure love and divine light, you are supported and cheered on every single second, from so many in so many ways.  Lean into this support and find your inner peace.

Humanities Collective Consciousness.

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2 Responses to “Humans Have More To Share”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Wow… just this morning these were the words I wrote in my journal:
    “Find peace. It’s there. Don’t seek with the mind – ALLOW with the heart. Come into silence and breathe… Allow the beat of your heart to carry you into oneness with all. There you will find peace.”

    Hmmmmmmm sweet Soul Sis… I believe we are on the same wavelength yet again.


  2. robyn Says:

    wonderful teaching – thank you! :D


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