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Channellings, Humans, The New Age


I felt this channelling coming for a few weeks before it did, in the usual ways, yet this felt different to me, as it comes from our own species’ collective consciousness…. I channelled this on the 16th March 2013 at 1:45am – yet I could not share it on the blog until today.  This is not a coincidence either.  Until I sat at my computer this morning, I had thought I was resisting sharing it, feeling uneasy at the prospect of sharing a message from our own collective consciousness, we are an animal species too, although we mainly choose to forget this…. 

Yet as I started to type, I realised that, of course, it wanted to be shared today – a hugely symbolic time of rebirth, Easter – the arrival of Spring, the time of the new, as we enter into this new age and dawn of consciousness. This channelling has many layers and levels to it – please read it slowly and a few times to let it enter into your awareness.  There is more to come as well…

Humane – what is it we call this?  What we see at present is something more like mass insanity.  We are the most frightening and biggest threat to all life on the planet.  What causes this to be?  Our thoughts.

Our thoughts are chained and shackled en masse with fear and hatred.  The hatred is a secondary outpouring of the times of masculine domination and control – it oozes out of us like an all consuming cancer, eating us away from the inside out.  We are consumed.  We are insistent that all of our fears are outside ourselves, that we must be afraid of all threats perceived around us, as things, people, others that wish to control or own us, that wish to dominate or kill us.  We are consumed by these fears at this point in time because we are so out of balance from truth it is impossible for us, collectively to realise the truth.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  We humans are capable of something very unique and special but it cuts both ways – we can co-create, we do so all of the time, with our thoughts and feelings, what we believe we bring into being – it is our divine gift – it is our ability to expand or manifest in this way which allows incredible feats of creation and creativity to be imagined into form, quite literally.

We imagine what we desire and then we focus our attention upon it and as we align to this knowing, the image comes into being.  This force of being able to create manifestations is a powerful one indeed and must be treated with utmost reverence and respect.

Whatever we focus upon we create – whatever it is.  Think (or more importantly, feel) on this dear humans, what are you focusing your mind/feelings upon?  What are you creating all around you?  Right now – look at all around you – how have you co-created this?

If love is all you can see around you – then all is balanced.  As love is all you ever need to co-create.  Love is peace, is presence, is balance.  Love is calm, knowing, gentle energy, yet powerful enough to move mountains.  And when we speak of love we mean pure unconditional positive love.  Free of any shackles, free of fear, free of doubt, negativity, judgement, hatred, blame, remorse, guilt, pride, self criticism or any of the other types of negative emotion.

Love in its pure state is what we are needed to focus our attention onto NOW, en masse, to radically shift the course of all on this precious planet and beyond.

Think about your life as it is right now.  Are you loving everyone, unconditionally, totally, accepting as is, peacefully living in the present moment, giving love freely to all without boundary or limitation?

Imagine a world where humanity achieves this.  How would things be?


Our every action, with love, can aid the balance in this sense.  Our every thought can move us closer to this, right now and the next thought and the next.  Try it now – think something loving, and another, and another.  Think something loving about yourself now and another thought and another.

You are co-creating ALL of the time.

What energy are you creating?  We know in our hearts which types of co-creation feel great.  We know because it feels wonderful to think it and in thinking it we are making it so.

Free your shackles of the biggest lie you will ever buy into.  Do you know what this lie is?  Can you feel it in your reality right now?  Can you feel it, seeing what humanity is experiencing on planet earth right now?

The biggest lie is this.  Are you ready to hear it?  Are you willing to truly hear this?

We believe that something, someone, outside of ourselves creates these things…

This is the biggest lie ever created.  It is the biggest lie because as you buy into this you give away all of your creative power to some other force, a force you believe and therefore co-create is “something out there”.  Think/feel this.  Let it resonate within yourself, within your soul essence.

This is the biggest lie.

You must seek to change your beliefs on this matter, for the sake of all.  You must believe the truth and you must do this in truth to rebalance.

You must believe/reconnect to the biggest truth of humanities co-creative genius.  The truth that all other form/thought emanates from.  You must realign to this truth as a matter of utmost importance.  Of top priority.  No other shift matters, is significant compared to this.

“All emanates and is created from WITHIN YOU.  ALL.”

Feel this. Let this into your heart, your soul. NOW.

Sit with this knowing of truth.  Accept it.  Embrace this.


We humans hold the key to all life on earth, in our hearts and hands.  We humans are the creative tools that determine what is.  You decide.  YOU.  No one else. YOU.

What choices are you making?  Each thought/each feeling?  What is this creating?

We urge you to create love. Pure love.  Love of yourself.  All of yourself.  Acceptance of yourself.  All of yourself.

We urge you to create by thought/feeling (thought and feeling together) you as your pure loving self now.  What are you being?  How are you being?  We urge courage and determination to this cause and this cause alone.

How are you with yourself? How do you show love to yourself?  How do you nurture your soul, your talents and gifts?  Do you express these lovingly to the betterment of all?

Do you co-create that which gives you LOVE, bliss, joy and freedom?

This is your primary purpose.  YOUR PURPOSE. Do you understand?

All else flows from this one truth.

All other co-creation that is not love, bliss joy and freedom serves in just the opposite way.  All of us.  This is KEY.

Are you awake to this truth?  If not you must wake up.

Where do you still blame others?  Where do you still send out negativity into the thought field?

These areas are where you can start to rebalance.

Love. Love all.  Start with self.  Love all of yourself.

Do you understand? If you don’t, make it your task to find out what this truly means.  Reach out and ask to be guided to this truth.  Be courageous, be bold, be tenacious and then when you understand this, then you will know what changes to make.

All that feels bad is further out of balance.  All that feels good, on a soul level, takes you towards balance.

As humans, we are here to rebalance.  This is our most important purpose.  Each one of us needs to move towards this balance.  We can achieve this.

One thought at a time.  Choose wisely, be gentle on yourself.  Love yourself as you learn the truth.  Go well and lightly.


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6 Responses to “Humans”

  1. Mary Dankowych Says:

    Thanks Julie once more you have like so many ecoed the thoughts and feelings that ramble through my mind and place them so elequently into word.
    I thank you, from one and all ;-) <3


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Dearest Mary, bless and thank you for your kind words, it is lovely to hear from you and sending you much love in these incredible times of rebirth and the new. Julie XXXXX


  2. Maureen Says:

    Hi dear Julie, wow…. very powerful. What occurs to me is that the greatest resistance to this amazing gift each of us ‘owns’ i.e. the ability to create our own reality is that it comes with RESPONSIBILITY. It is so much easier to ‘blame’ an outside source when life isn’t exactly as we wish it to be…. So yes. Coming into tremendous self-love and caring so that we are robust enough to accept this role as Divine co-creator. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. Love you much. Reney


    • Julie Says:

      Dear Reney and Robyn, yes it does take courage to take full responsibility for our experiences in life. Yet we are all needed to step up to this and live our lives to the full, on purpose, from the guidance of our hearts and souls and loving all – including and especially ourselves. Sending love and gratitude. XXXXX


  3. robyn Says:

    Wow!! :o ) xxx


  4. Valerie Jourdain Says:

    This is so powerful… and so true … This message is hitting the nail right on the head. Will share this as it is so beautifully said & so empowering too . Many thanks …


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