Sun, Feb 10, 2013

Channellings, Otters


Heaviness is the enemy of co-creation.  You cannot seek to be the expansive, creative, instigators of change and motion whilst burdened with heaviness of thought, feeling and deed.

Play is the only way and divine guided action that lets you float with ease, joy and effortless bliss.  We Otters are many and varied and we all have slightly different part to play in the overall magnificence of the play called life, here on earth.  Our connectivity always centres on light, relaxed, poised, graceful flow and playfulness.

We do this and our this at the core of our beingness.  We relax, allow, flow, make light and embrace the vibrations of life in this physical place so that all is allowed, all is accepted and all is received in grace and gratitude, do you see?

Humanity is drenched in a blanket of heaviness, especially thick at this point in space, it is deeply effecting the flow of all on this planet and beyond.  The heaviness suffocates and holds captive any joy or creativity and is like being burdened in the water with a mass of heavy weights dragging you down into the depths of despair, negativity and loss.

It is vital at this point that you realise this and step aside from the collective vibration.  It is vital you focus with all of your heart, soul and mind on all that is beauty and love in this place, right now.  It is essential you find ways to appreciate all the miracles that surround you, look to the small things, look to nature, look to yourself, deep inside for the beauty that allows you to relax into a supported and floating sense of wonder and playfulness.  Solutions and new ways of being are only found in this place.

All life must be able to rise at this time and to rise you must focus on the light, embrace the light, love the light and find the lights in all you do, in all those around and in YOU. Look NOW!!

This is more important than anything at this point.  The collective consciousness of humanity is at a crucial stage in this space right now and enough souls in human form need to sustain the light in sufficient ways to top the balance and to impact the vibrational all with needed frequencies.

Sing, relax, laugh, play, dance, love in all ways you can.  Think of joyful things, do loving actions, offer kind words, lighten up everything and YOU!

Otter kind is wonderful example to look toward, we are always engaging in this place, we are so light, so free and so able to flow, we can inspire you.

We want to inspire you, we want you to enjoy life, it is the only reason to be here!  This planet is wondrous, majestic, powerfully abundant and beautiful, designed for a physical encounter of equal magnificence, what point is there in being here in a constant state of fear, negativity, doubt, hate and scarcity, living in the past or creating an imagined dark future.  We Otters only vision bliss, here and now.  We play with the magic in the moment with all our hearts and beingness.  Please do this every second you have dear humanity, we need you to do this to assist in the greatest rebalance of this age.  You must surrender to the flow of life, you must let go and float, you must trust in the greater and higher force of life to allow you to float.  It is there but not if you struggle and panic and vision only this.

Do you understand?

Watch us playing, watch our presence, learn to play once more with the curiosity of your youngsters.  Open up to the wonder of life and all the visible representations of this, open up to all of the invisible realms of magic that are always here whether your “science” tells you this or not.

Feel your centre, relax into it, breathe a huge sigh of release, relief and relaxation as you let the Universal all hold you firmly, yet lightly and provide for you in all ways for always.

Dabble in the waters, play, play, play and be active yet still, create fun and magic in all you are and share this with all.  Life is too short and sweet to fill it with the antithesis of what it is truly all about…

We love you, we wish only for your return to light and playfulness.  We offer a beam of light and consciousness to you all at this time of great shift and reassure you that play is the way!  Love you always, the Otters.

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6 Responses to “Otters”

  1. Reney Says:

    Beautiful!! The Otters are absolute joy…. Their recommendations to play and revel in the moment reminded me of Bo (my golden retriever) bounding across the meadows in pure bliss. Breathe, love, let go of fear… and share from the heart. Thank YOU for sharing this!! xoxo


    • Julie Says:

      Thank you dear Reney. Yes, animals are our greatest teachers when it comes to joy and blissful presence. We are so blessed to remember this truth! Sending much love to you and all. XXX


  2. robyn Says:

    wondrful! such a joyous – and important – message :o ) Thank you for sharing it with us xxxx


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Robyn, thanks for your message! Yes the animals always know how to take us back to the truth, their is joy possible in every moment, humanity gets so lost in negativity and past and future and forgets the present moment and the peace that can be allowed. Much love XXX


  3. Sue Reid Says:

    How beautiful and how timely! Thank you, Otters and thank you, Julie. Love and light to all! xxx


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Sue! Yes, they knew just when to show up with their message! They always do!! Glad you enjoyed reading it. Much love to you. XXX


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