Tue, Aug 28, 2012

Ants, Channellings

March in time please!  Have purpose and listen to the callings of those all around and within.  Take purposeful steps towards what you desire.  Work industriously toward your goals, and engage others to do the same.  Use your strengths to best efforts.  These things which seem insurmountable, are movable.  With wisdom applied together.

Colonise, set up home somewhere peaceful where you can all retreat and withdraw.  Be together in all things, communicate clearly and have roles that suit the people you have with you.  Stand together.  Help each other.  Move together.  Be still together.  Surge forward.

Harmonious flow is the line of least resistance.

Break down the large to smaller parts.  Do not underestimate your own strength and capacity, this is a crime!  Look and move, look and move, talk and move, talk and move.

Unstoppable together, strength in numbers.

Have a core of the community where your babies are nurtured and protected.  Teach them well and all the essentials early on.  Show the way.  Know they hold the future in their hearts and assist their greatness.  This is precious.

Do not let scale defeat you.  It is possible.  Strive and believe.  Rely and depend on yourself and all your community for this is where true strength lies.

Excavate, move, shape, mould, define, utilise, march, understand, love, focus, engage, do, in balance.

These things are important if you are to BE who are you destined to BE.  ONWARD!!



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