Sun, Jul 15, 2012

Bees, Channellings

(This is a channelled message from one of Voice of the Animals amazing students, Robyn Harris.  Thank you so much Robyn for sharing this with us all.)

Listen to our song – our harmonies and modulations

Watch us dance

We work so hard and yet how do we ‘work’ – by dancing and singing!

We carry the sun with us everywhere we go – its light, its warmth, its joy

Make room for the sun in your lives

You humans are so often full of dark clouds – you have closed out the sunshine.  You have forgotten your joy

You have forgotten how wonderful it is to be alive, working together as a single unit, each serving the other as part of the whole.

You have cut yourself off from your brothers and sisters – don’t you know that you are all the same, all children in one big, amazing family?

Don’t you know that what happens to one affects you all?

You have become closed.  Open your hearts to embrace the sun – the light & warmth, the joy, the energy.  Be part of one big happy family

And then you will see the wonder of Life and you will realise that your family is not just other humans, but all other beings! ☺

Everything that walks, flies, swims, crawls, breathes, lives – is your family!

Remember – re-member! 

Bring all the members back into your family – welcome them with open arms and open heart!

Know again the joy of the gift of just being alive, being one. Rejoice! ☺

If only you would do this, how different the world would be – can you see it?

Can you see how all of us are waiting for you to re-member and for the world to be the paradise, the single organism living and breathing in glorious harmony, that it was created to be?

We are waiting.  The time is coming…  You will re-member and we will rejoice.

Hear our song and re-member  ☺



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2 Responses to “Bees”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Beautiful!! We are ALL connected… each and every sentient being. Dance, sing, radiate love. Thanks for the message, Robyn.


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Reney! Thanks for your comment, always wonderful to see your beautiful energy here! You and Robyn would hit it off too – kindred spirits! XXXXX


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