From All Animal Species

We have come to talk to you all to bring an important message of love and support.

We are all the animals’ consciousnesses, all the species together on this planet.  We have been coming individually to bring you messages but now the time is right to hear this from the collective consciousness of all the collective consciousnesses you share this planet with.  We want you to know that we love the human race and appreciate it for all the things it is able to do that we are not able to do.

The future of this planet and all that live on, in or around this planet, is in your hands.  And for that we are unspeakably happy and grateful.

This is because the human race is advancing in its awakening and is poised now to do amazing things.  Things that we cannot.

Please don’t be hard on yourselves, as many of your species are.  You are a young species and have needed to grow.  This means “mistakes” – in order to see what you think is right or wrong.  We feel for you.  You have gone through much in such a short time.  The pressure has been on you and that’s been hard.

Some species’ consciousnesses might also seem to have been hard on you.  But always done with love, to help move you on more quickly.  The time is now and all beings have gathered together to help with this big “push”.

We all had so much more time to learn and evolve.  You do not.  We can feel your pain as you deal with all these changes.  The human race learns quickly, adapts, changes direction – this is what you are all so good at.  This is your strength.  This means that as you approach your evolution – as you must – you will break through ideas, thoughts, ways of doing things and ways of seeing things.  You are amazing and resourceful.

You shouldn’t be hard on yourselves, as only you are able to fully bring all that is of this planet and this Universe and other Universes into the light.  The other light beings have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Earthbound human race.  They have all been working so hard – some a little too hard – to help you along your way.  We, the collective consciousnesses of all the other beings on this planet are so excited that you are nearly there.  We are so grateful to you and we look forward to joining you, the human race, as we move into the light together.

Keep calling on us for support and guidance whenever it is needed.  We are so pleased to be of service for this greatest good.  This is how we help.  All the things we cannot do that you can – but we can help you to achieve this wonderful thing.  Feel the connection – know every part of us in every part of you.

Kindly channelled by Jean Davies.  Thank you Jean for sharing this beautiful and humbling message as we enter into the new times.

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2 Responses to “From All Animal Species”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Beautiful commentary… I so agree that the energy of our animals is helping ground and center us in this collective move forward. Not only from the love they inspire from the deepest part of our hearts, but in their ability to be in the moment. I know mine are an integral part of my journey for which I am forever grateful. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Reney, thank you for you wonderful words, as always so eloquent and wise. Loads of love to you and all the fabulous fur family. XXXXX


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