Rabbits Return!

Thu, Jun 30, 2011

Prey animals, Rabbits

We rabbits are noticing that human energy is changing and for the better.  It is refreshing and invigorating to observe.  We urge you to follow the callings of your heart and allow yourself the joy and flow of co creation with the divine.

Following your passions in creative ways is the key way to restructure your wealth of energy, talents and passion and it is fundamentally at the centre of your transformation at this time, in this plane.

Much old thinking has blocked human collective consciousness and created belief that you can not exchange pleasurable and passionate pursuits for monetary exchange.  Know this is illusion, crazy falsehood designed to keep you shackled to your cage,  pinned into drudgery or denial of your true creative genius.  Take time now to know what your creative inclinations are, write, dance, sew, paint, sing?

Make beautiful creations and do it vigorously!

No excuses.  It is the key to unlocking your true power, energy and bliss.  What you create in this way opens doorways of abundance of prosperity in myriad ways, so stop old, restrictive patterns of dull drudgery and get on with a much more vibrant, joyous experience of co creation!

It will change your experience immeasurably!

Whatever your heart craves of a creative nature is nurturing and beneficial to your soul.  It is releasing and freeing you deeply and joyfully.  Embrace your talents and bliss now!!

Love and joy, the rabbits.

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