Snow Leopards

The snow leopards welcomed me in by getting me to sing in my head “This town, is ‘coming like a Ghost Town…..”,  The Specials”  (Snow Leopards are often called Mountain Ghosts…)

You must heed our message. It is one of love and urgency. We who live here in, and of,  the clouds see far wider and from higher planes than you do. From here we clearly see and feel the necessity for change on this planet. So we tap into and are intimately connected to the higher vibrating aspects of source energy. Our feline edge makes us incredibly able to articulate this vision of what is required. You must listen. You must heed. You must change. You must act. We are operating at the edge of the veil, we morphe in and out of this dimension and therefore, as all felines, we have much greater access and comprehension of all that is unfolding now.

We cannot explain to you in terms you would understand. Suffice to say, as the earth turns and shifts on her axis, so too does all of life here.

We have become more visible to you for good reason. We normally seek to avoid contact with human souls on the physical plane as you are destructive and fearful, mostly. But we must step out of the shadow now and give you a message, for the time is upon us to move in the new direction. So please, heed and consider with your heart, not your ego, all we are set to instruct you upon.

Wake, open your eyes. see the whole. See what is real in this planetary illusion.

What you believe, what you think, how you are, moment by moment, is determining the reality of the planet. Each and everyone of you are shaping the world. What vibrations you send out create what is. As a collective, you must shift from negativity and fear to positivity and courage. Strength and connection. All that is. Do you hear this, down deep in your knowing soul?

Do not belittle yourself and your power, this is exactly what you must leave behind. You must learn to know your power, to embrace your power and take guided action in your power. Your vibration, your voice, as it were, must be strong, vibrant, positive and focused on your purpose. Your creative reason for being here now, building harmony, cooperation and communities of awake, enlightened souls.

Do not side step this truth. You are called to do this now. It is something to embrace, to enjoy, to be passionate about, following your heart and reconnecting to all that is. What could be more glorious?

Shed all the old, victim mindsets, dependent, negative, scarcity beliefs. Shed them all.

Replace now with heart, courage, plenty, empowerment, passion and vigour. But most importantly at the core of it all love. Love, first and foremostly, of and for yourself. You are magnificent, just as we are. We have not forgotten, you must remember and NOW!

You may look at Snow Leopards and see spectacular poise, pride, courage, beauty, wisdom, resourcefulness and spirituality, connectedness and love. Yet, I challenge you now to turn the light on to yourself and know YOU are just the same.

We access universal truth, we access it by listening and following our instincts, our heart feelings, our true nature. You must do the same. We beings in Snow Leopard shoes remind you that the damage here on the planet IS repairable, it is possible to adjust, to rebalance right now. The key lies not out there, with others, with more power, more luck, more fortune, what ever excuses you find, but within you. Right now.

Each breath we take we choose. Alive or dulled? Powerful or powerless? Abundance or scarcity? Live or die? Health or dis-ease? Love or hate? Day or night? Good or bad? You get the idea, yes?

Think wisely, be your true self. Stand in your power, refuse anything lower. Change your world. Change the world. NOW!

Watch us hunting our prey. This will show you that anything is possible. Join us on the edge of the veil and get ready for the time of your life! Shed old nonsense. Enter the new phase awake, alert and true to the purpose of this physical plane. Expansion, co-creation, love, joy, bliss.

Thank you and see you at the edge.

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4 Responses to “Snow Leopards”

  1. liz smith Says:

    this message is so exactly right. Most of us are so out of balance with this planet. Hatred,cruelty greed and all negativity spreads so easliy, but it only takes each individual to be in the present and enjoy now to change it.Now is all there is – no past no future. Enjoy


    • JulieL Says:

      Thank you Liz, you are so very wise in what you say. It is ALL about each of us, choosing how to be in each moment… Time to really ramp things up and live this truth! XXXXX


  2. Maureen "Reney" Kelly Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Just finished reading the snow leopard message and it is truly inspiring. I choose NOW to embrace Snow Leopard energy and philosophy.
    Thank you and love to you!


    • JulieL Says:

      Thank you Reney, I am so pleased you enjoyed it. They are very powerful animals with incredible wisdom and energy to offer us. Blessings and love to you too! XXX


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