Dolphins Speak Again…

Mon, Feb 7, 2011

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I am delighted to add a channeled message from the Dolphins through Scott Olson.

Part One: I published a book in 2002 called Messages From The Dolphins.  I communicate what I think and how the dolphins may feel on five topics: True Nature, Communication, Raising Children, Our Environment, and War. Because the world, humans, other species, and dolphins are suffering I talk about this suffering and give solutions for ending the suffering. Their messages are still timely… even more so as suffering continues to increase. My book is available as a free e-book at I also take people to swim with wild dolphins. Information about my trips is on my web site or facebook site: dolphinsmile.

Part Two: This is today’s dolphin message translated into human language. It is meant to be sung because dolphins do not talk to each other…. they sing to each other. It is their song to humans. Wake up to your royal destiny. The celebration is at hand. The party is planned. The candles are lit. Please come join us now.

We are so happy happy for you your waking up the day is new. Yes, this is the time to be awake. A wonderful  time to be alive. A wonderful time to be witnessing your humankind waking up too all that we are all that we will be all that we will see. Magnificent radiance illuminated wonder. A time to celebrate together. A time to share.  A time to laugh. A time to dance. A time to play. We are here for you we are here for you don’t you know this what else must we do for you too see how much we care for you how much we long for you to wake up to wake up come and join us come and join us now please there is no time left so many changes you know what we mean our earth is healing and so are we and so are you. Our caravansari sari sari of dreams of islands and oceans and lands is here for you now unfolding its wonders of wonders of the ages yes you are this the dance the song the drama the greatest show upon our earth it is your gift of life here for you now served on the most royal of platters your royal robes your royal inheritance is here for you now please put them on you are the kings you are the queens we have waited long enough holding the pearls the jewels the wisdom of our souls. Paradise nirvana heaven upon the earth so holy the holy the land the ocean the air is here for you now please please accept your gifts now.

Part Three: After writing part two I saw on facebook that 60 pilot whales had just beached themselves along the coast of New Zealand.  This is so sad. I felt something about their current suffering should be included in the dolphins messages with the hope that more humans would read this and be moved to help end their suffering. So I went to bed last night knowing there was more to share. And this is their next message.

While asleep I had the worst nightmare ever. I dreamt that another man wanted to hunt me down and kill me. It was the afternoon and he gave me until dawn to hide or get away. I felt so much fear and ultimate terror. I was outside and as it got dark I found a place in nature to hide. I stayed quiet and still through the night then as the sun was coming up I thought I was safe and began to move making very minimal noise. But he found me and there was no way I could get away. I tried to bargain with him and said I wasn’t going to agree to this but he wouldn’t listen. He had found me and was going to kill me. So I woke up feeling the deep fear knowing there was no way out. I was going to be killed. This is how this dolphin message came through me and what they want to share with you now… their feelings and the ultimate terror of what it is like to be a dolphin hunted, trapped, and slaughtered by humans.

I am empathic and I get their messages through feelings and thoughts. Sometimes it is their joy and vitality I feel as expressed in part two, and in my book, and sometimes it is their current suffering. At times I am very happy for the dolphins. Unfortunately today, in this moment, I am very sad for their suffering.

Many thanks Scott for all the wonderful work you are doing.

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