Fri, Jan 28, 2011

Birds, Channellings, Turkeys

Importance is very clear, you must know that being in the present moment is the place where all things are possible.  We welcome you to this place and show you how very important it is that you stay here.

In this place of now you are able to free yourself of past and future ties, shake yourself free of old memories and anchors and open up creativity, free of future illusions, especially those of fear or lack.

We Turkeys are excellent at this.  Yes, for we do not spend our lives waiting for the inevitable, worrying about it, fearful and afraid.  We do not become bitter, angry or depressed, replaying any bad treatment of our forefathers and mothers at the hands of humanity.

We realise this is the curse of humans and we come to encourage you to step out of this illusion, this prison and step into being here and now.  Living fully, expressing who your are, loving every moment, every feeling and experience and being so proud to do so and to be you.

We know your purpose for being is different from ours, yet we realise we can learn from each others differences.  We want to assist you in realising, once more, that you are far more when in the moment, you are able to claim your true power in this place.

We do not fear our duty, we live in honour of our service to humanity.  We wish for respect and kind treatment, grace and dignity, we wish for this but we do not resist or reject our purpose of service to human kind for subsistence, it is our honour to support in this most fundamental, physical way.

We salute you, those who lead the way in the matter of presence.  We encourage and show you the importance of what you are doing, for through you all will follow.  Through your front running the masses begin to follow, with following comes the change, the change ushers in the new dawn, that which earth is turning toward, embracing that which we must all do now.

Be easy in the knowing you are following the path of truth.  Be assured and comforted by us, yes, by Turkeys, to shore your faith, especially through your moments of doubt when old energies surround you and tempt your mind into the old beliefs and ways.  These ways feel so bad yet tempt you still to their familiar ingrained patterns.

Do NOT fear, you are treading the way, proudly, bravely, beautifully, trust us when we say this, trust yourself to follow your heart.

All is moving in divine guided order.  It is only resistance to this order that creates imbalance and associated mind made pain.

Stay freely open and loving in this wild and true place of now.  Let it into your heart and love it.  You will see we do!  We will share it with you gladly and happily, if you will simply be with us for a while.

Thank you for listening to us and we honour and bless you in your unique human path.  Namaste!

Channeled initially by the January Playshop group on 23/01/11 and reconnected with Julie Lines on 28/01/11 at 3am.

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2 Responses to “Turkeys”

  1. Jennifer C Says:

    all my life i was told by older members of my family that turkeys were dumb thoughtless creatures. I had a feeling they were not. I always had such a terrible time at the holidays. I tried to hide them many times to only to fail and cry to hard.
    If we all only could honor and love and be proud. Love the turkeys
    Jennifer C recently posted..Bats


    • JulieL Says:

      Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Turkeys are indeed sentient, wonderful souls, as is all life. Sending much love and blessings to all. XXX


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