Why are we here, you ask?  We are part of the divine holy order, just as humanity is.  You do not consider why humanity is here, or if you do, not in the same way, for your collective mind chooses to transfer your own shadow onto the beliefs you hold about tigers.

How do you know these things?  You assume them.  Tigers as murderous, savage, indiscriminate killers, unpredictable and always out to kill or mame. WRONG!  How wrong you are.  If only you were to step into our paws a while and see life as we do, oh you’d be amazed, transformed by what you learn.

True power is always coupled with grace and humility.  Honour and faith constant companions.

Humans are rapidly eliminating our kind, either for money or habitat.  We are truly the hunted.  We are truly the ones living in fear and anxiety about where we’ll live and raise our youngsters.

Our power brings great strength to the balance of all things and minds really don’t matter in our world.  Intuition, feel and emotion are our keys to reading the terrain.  We feel the impending end of our physical being.  We don’t understand why humanity can not see that for true balance we must embrace each other.  Understand and tolerate each other.  Live and let live.  This is for all our sakes.  Power without honour turns sour and black.

We see and feel how your grasp of this hovers on the brink of shifting, yet is still loaded on the shadow side.

A world without tigers?  How would it be?  A person without fire, without passion and bravery.  What would they be?  We all integrate with each other, all reflect aspects of the whole.  Your role is clear – Wake and remember the truth, restore peace, harmony and vision of a life that knows only peace, valuing diversity, knowing the system is made of many parts, each playing a crucial, vital role.

Learn more about how tigers really live.  We model a way that resonates deeply within you, you remember, you feel the vibration deeply in your being when you observe our way of being.

Much is at stake.  You can choose to wake and live truth.  We hope and trust you will.

Honouring the truth of all life.

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4 Responses to “Tigers”

  1. Tracey Rissik Says:

    This is beautiful – and if one sentence sums up this channelling for me, it’s “You can choose to wake and live truth.” This is true in so many (all!) areas of my life – all our lives.

    Tigers are in my top 3 animals in the world – I hope they’re around for many generations to value and learn from. Thanks for sharing this…
    Tracey Rissik recently posted..Just what is RSS


    • JulieL Says:

      Thank you Tracey! I wish you could have seen the tiger that came forward from the collective consciousness, he was enormous and SO very wise. Sending blessings and love to all. XXX


  2. Sherri Wilkins Says:

    Well said!! I hope humanity wakes up soon and stops eliminating our beloved Tigers!!


    • JulieL Says:

      Thank you Sherri, their collective consciousness appeared in the form of a huge male tiger, who was such a wise soul, hugely evolved. Let us trust many more human souls will awaken and act in accordance with this wisdom. XXX


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