Manta Ray

Stillness begets stillness.  Being in one flowing motion with your surroundings and believing in your mission is all important at this time.

Much is changing, radically shifting, yet this is when your belief is at its most important.

As your experience of the world changes, do you try to hold onto old ways of doing and being?  Or do you adapt and change with this?

We Manta have to shift and change or we could cease to exist in this place/plane.  There is little sense in resisting that which is.  It can only lead to suffering and trouble.

Let your memories of truth shine through and act with flexibility, courage, self belief and conviction, for we are all interconnected and so you are never alone, it is simply impossible/implausible for you to be.

Let the flow of life become your goal, your skill, being one with what is, accepting and working in alignment with.  Glide with grace and harmony and make it look effortless.

We know our numbers dwindle in the world.  We want to be here.  We interact with humanity to say we are part of this world tapestry.

We are important.  We wonder if enough of you will align and combine to shift the desecration of our species?  We will see.

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2 Responses to “Manta Ray”

  1. Smokey Says:

    Thank you for this! I just had the most interesting dream within a dream, both had to do with a manta ray and both powerfully emotional. I was trying to make sense of it all and now having read this it seems crystal clear. Thank you Manta Ray!
    Smokey recently posted..Humans Have More To Share


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Smokey, great to hear from you! You are most welcome and so happy that Manta Rays were able to offer you such clarity and insight.


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