Another Message from the Horses

We visit again with a very specific purpose and message, it is very important that you act as leaders in your lives, now.  We, as patient teachers, have consistently taught our human companions how to harness your true inner power and how to use it in a balanced way.  By balanced we mean feminine energy with a touch of masculine.  This means with a key aspect of your method being about how to co-operate, to work in partnership, to support and harmonise, to realise the importance of community, how to ensure the thriving of the herd.

We are certain that once you grasp and live this truth the energies within you will respond powerfully and positively, realigning to the shifts on this planet, the imperceptible (to you) shift in the position of the planet that has drawn the turning point to an ever closer moment.   2012 is a marker, a guide signposted by the ancient wisdom of natures laws.  It is a guide in evolutionary terms.  Humanity is wakening to this.  You must use this awakening and activate your true power.

You know this.  You can not hide from it now.  You would not be reading this if you didn’t know it to be truth.

Have courage, let us show you, for those of you that ride with us equines, pay close attention to what we mirror in you.  We show you vividly your internal workings.  The shadow and the light at interplay.  Healing allows truth to emerge.  All you need is inside you.  All you ever could imagine is possible within you too.

Listen.  Break free from all the old.  Its burden will rapidly become unbearable now.

Beware ignoring this, for we often will mirror your energetic turmoil and resistance in our physical well being.  If you dare not shift yourself for your own sake, surely you will do it to allow us to balance?

Ponder this message.  Read it and absorb its true meaning.  If you don’t ride with us, go visit some of our kind, in a field or at a stables.  Quieten your chatterbox mind and inquire “What do you have to teach me?”

Open up to what you feel.  You will learn much from our wise counsel.

It is time.  Be fearless.  Be sure. Be leaders. BE.

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