Polar Bears

Cold are the nights and days where we choose to live.  Far from the madding crowds too.  Although many come to see us and mankind edges closer and closer to us and then gets so aggressive when our boundaries get blurred.

Our message to you is this.  It is simple.  If you can hear this.  If you turned up at this page and you are reading or hearing these words:  AWAKEN!!  Stay awake, do everything in your power to reach deep inside and remember who you are.  No more excuses, no more beliefs of “I don’t matter, it’s only me, what do I know, I can’t, I’m not good enough or I’m not deserving enough.”

We Polar Bears never question who we are and what our purpose is here on Planet Earth.  We serve our souls loyally, patiently, obediently, diligently and always in our power.

We hold the energy grids of light across the Arctic Lines.  We hold the ice of fire and ice in perfect balance.  Do not concern yourself if this doesn’t “make sense” to you at this point.  You will understand at some point.  All you need to know is that we are clear, we know what we are here to do and we do it will all our might.  We know it is of utmost importance and we honour our purpose and ourselves for it is divine and divinity must be honoured.

Follow your inner wisdom.  You can trust it, it will not lead you astray.  It will lead you to magical far off places that will take your breath away with delight.

How do you do this?  STOP. Be still.  Listen.  Ask.  Listen.  Act.  According to this divine guidance.

This is truth.  You are hearing this message from many other species too.  This is evidence of its crucial necessity.

Look at us Polar Bears – we are strong, powerful, gentle, forceful, loving, grateful, dedicated souls.

How do you fare against these measures?  Are you a fearless warrior?  Or are you lost in a thick fog of fear and doubt?

The fog must lift.  You must lift it.  Look upward to the skies, look around you at all that is wondrous in nature and look most diligently at you and answer the questions you find yourself asking.

Lean into the answers you will hear when you trust and let go of all the old nonsense, illusion.

Answers to all are all around.  Action is easy when your awareness is fixed and faithful to these answers, in the form of guidance.

Begin, continue.  Be relentless.  NOW.

Thank you for hearing this message from the Polar Bears.

Channeled by Julie Lines, who, throughout the channeling, was surrounded by a vision of the Northern Lights! How magical.

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