Thu, Nov 11, 2010

Channellings, Koalas

Listen or your tongue will make you deaf. An old human phrase.  Do you understand this? Noisy, noisy, noisy, your minds.  Chatter, chatter, noise, noise, madness, madness!

How do you expect to receive guidance on your path?  How do you expect to be guided by the many and varied signs around you, within you?

What is this need for noise?  For constant action?  How does it, could it possibly, serve you?  Well, we guess it keeps you stuck in a world of crazy, rushing, nutty, nonsensical dramas that stop you knowing who you really are.

Those who don’t understand what life here is all about.  Those who don’t care for stillness are deep in denial, trapped in the matrix of deception and far, far from a world of heaven on earth.

Make it your business (serious business) to hush your noise, internally as well as externally.  Start small and regularly build up.

What will you get, you ask?  Calmness, clarity, hearing your guidance from source via your own inner voice, via our animal voices that you can hear only if you befriend the silence.

We are always communicating, always guiding and teaching.  Imagine our tenacity to continue relentlessly to teach you, even when you have your stereo headphones on full volume all the time, so to speak.

For those of you with ringing in your ears, be joyful, for this is your direct connection to the angelic realms, you may hear high pitched streams of what you may think is nothing, when in actual fact you are being given downloads of crucial vibrations helping you to evolve at accelerated rates.

Do not despair if you do not have this assistance, simply ask and it is given, so long as your heart is open and willing.

Learn to trust your heart and gut over your head. You still use your head but long after your heart and gut has guided you on your path.

Much is needed to change inside your world.

For you see when you alter your inner world you are also altering the outer world.  For as is above so is below.  As is within, so is without.

We are macrocosms of the microcosm, yes that is the correct way around.  We are not mistaken.  If you don’t understand what we speak of, make it your task to find out!  It is time to take your path seriously (in the appropriate light, guided way of course :-)) and to follow your attention of creating a heaven on earth internally so that it is created outside your so called self.  You see all is a mirror and as more and more of you light seekers create this for yourself so it is reflected in the reality of the mirror of the “outside” world.

Hold a state of peace, long beautiful times of love and gratitude.  Joyous experiences of bliss, effortlessness and harmonious flow.

THIS is what changes the world.

How can you treat yourself like a precious object?  What must alter within you to alter without?

Do you relentlessly create hell inside yourself?  Heal and create relentless heaven.  THIS is life changing for all are affected by this change.

We speak of this for if you do not do as we ask your worlds will fall and crumble around you. That means our world will crumble and fall around us all.  Do you see?

You love and care for animals, yes?  Then love and care for yourself first and all good things follow this.  Do you hear?  Do you feel that knowing?

This is of crucial vitale (Latin meaning = Life) importance. You must hear this and act upon this knowing.  The old noise and negativity THAT will cause only devastation and despair for all of us on planet earth.

The new peace, tranquility and positivity of vision, now THAT will make a heaven on earth for ALL species, all kind, ALL.  We are all one.

Love yourself, love all life.  If you say you love animals and nature you MUST learn to love yourself once more. Do not close your ears and eyes and hearts to this truth.

Act relentlessly now to this.  It is THE single most powerful, most earth changing, transforming act you can humbly commit to doing now.

Be willing to love yourself wholly, completely and ask for guidance from a power greater than yourself.  Listen, listen, listen with all your heart and soul and then act on this guidance, wisely, smartly and openly, trusting it will take you on a magical journey of rediscovering your authentic self.  THIS will change our world.

Are you hearing this?  Are you feeling this?

Please. Do. So. Now.

There. Is. Little. Sand. Left. In. The. Timer…

Bless you, love you, The Koala Collective Consciousness

Channeled at 2.34am on the 10th November 2010 by Julie Lines, who thought Koala’s were cute and fluffy before this!

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