Sat, Nov 13, 2010

Cats, Channellings, Jaguars

Behold our power, for it is yours when you are ready and prepared to accept it.  Power in this sense is about love, boundaries, eventuality, drama left far below, connectedness and wholeness once more.  It is about true integrity to those values that are ancient laws.  Depth and attainment is required to aspire and inspire to these levels.

Look into our eyes. What is it that you feel?  What can you observe about us?  Whatever your answer is, is the level you have attained to this point in your education and evolution, you may not have stepped into this fully, yet your awareness is growing to this level, and you will expand into this awareness with willingness and tenacity to allow.

The many truths of life in this physical plane are said to be mysteries.  The great unknown, and with things unknown often humanity leaps to fearful conclusions.

The truth is, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, of course.  There are no real mysteries, simply a lack of awareness, or a lack of understanding and skill to rise to the level of truth, yet to be grasped.

We are all here to aspire, to expand, to create (humanity, especially so).  We are all destined to raise our vibration in our own life span.  It is most natural.

Reach into your soul and spend some still moments asking what it is you are guided to do next.  How you are guided to be.  How you can be of service in the highest and best of ways?  Listen for the answers.

How you achieve these answers will all depend on how well you come into your true power, how well you can master your real abilities, your true alchemical talents and manifesting genius.

How rapidly you can release, let go of, all the old outworn thoughts/beliefs that hold you trapped in so much less power that you are needed and able to attain.

Many of the other species have spoken with you already about the urgency with which you attend to these skills and talents.  This, however, is not about rushing around like a headless chicken, so to speak, no, it is about focusing your attention and intention on your awakening.  Being dedicated, consciously focused on revealing your true self to shine for and with the rest of all that is.  That is what they refer to.  You would not see Jaguar rushing around in a panic, now would you?

Take heed of my message.  Consider your experience on this plane.  You are meant to experience heaven on earth.  There is much to be done to transform your experience.  Please ask, listen, and take guided action.  In your power.  Peace and blessings.

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  1. David Bell Says:

    What a magnificent channelling from such a magnificent, wise, thoughtful and powerful sub species of the big cats. The power of the jaguars words matched with the power and grace of their physical presence is truly a wondrous thing that humanity should appreciate to the fullest. Look at that picture too……the depth, spirit and passion in those eyes is electrifying.
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