Fri, Nov 12, 2010

Channellings, Flys

Our purpose is divine. Just as yours is.  Can you comprehend this?

We are placed here to do many things.  All are important, valuable and of significance.

What are your views/beliefs about Flys?  Where do these views/beliefs come from?

We see much more that you would imagine.  We see deep into your creations.  Deep into the world of illusion.  We fly about, we observe much.  We have the “fly on the wall” perspective as you so aptly name it.

What do you think we observe of humanity?  Have you ever even considered we would have a view?  If you have you are of a minority.

We are mostly loathed, hated, most try to kill us, swat us or trap us to kill us.  We are looked upon as filthy, dirty insects that spread disease.

Can you imagine what it is like to be treated this way by giant beings all around us?  You have through history treated each other in this way, which is quite shocking to us.

We can offer you the gift of tolerance.  If you would engage us in respectful interaction.  If you would send us love rather than hate.  If you would ask for what you ‘d like us to do with love and no attachment. You will be amazed.

We are souls in insects bodies.  We are here for a purpose too.  We also clean up rotting flesh.  We clear away harmful decomposing meat.  We do it in ways that you have been conditioned to be repulsed by.  This is just conditioning.

We do things differently to you.  This does not require prejudice and hate, violence and domination.

What would your life be like if you and all humans treated Flys as equals, with love and respect?  All life with love and respect.  Respecting difference, tolerating others ways and purposes.  Loving the souls regardless of the physical form.

Can you imagine this?  We encourage you to, often.  Thank you.

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