Slender Loris

The earth is whole, we are whole.  We can only be whole again when we treat the world as whole again.

The missing pieces are inside us all, we all hold the key.

The world is so beautiful. I am so beautiful, yet I live in a dark world, so beauty is in the dark eye of the beholder.  It doesn’t require visual abilities to know beauty.  It is not about physical appearance or softness of fur.  It is about the way you grasp your existence, the way you realise what you are, really, that brings about wholeness.

You talk endlessly of healing, when truly what it is, is WHOLING. Making yourself whole once more.  I want you to spread this word at your talk at Bromham Mill, tell all those who will listen*, the key is that we WHOLE ourselves again (and that is not about finding, making or adding). We will make the whole planet whole you see?

How can we harm others when we see we are all one? How can we harm ourselves when we see who we really are?  I live away from your world (in the main) but we are always connected, always one. We are beautiful, aren’t we?

Please remember. Much is at stake. It is all unfolding and much is to be realigned and celebrated. Joy is to know and remember.  Bliss is to feel the knowing, to recall the wholeness.

Look into my eyes and see the truth, we are all the earth, we are already whole, we are always connected and we are beauty now. Thank you.

*Julie is speaking at Bromham Mill, Bromham, Bedfordshire on October 30th 2010 about animal communication and healing.

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